Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Samhain!

Blessed be, and happy halloween! Today is Samhain*, and we're celebrating by going to the cemetery for a picnic and some grave rubbings to honour those we've lost and spend some quiet time with them, remembering how they touched our lives. Samhain is one of my favourite sabbats and I can't wait to celebrate. Skyler and I already had an early morning ritual. Which I should explain is not some sort of crazy thing where we sit in a circle chanting and sacrificing animals. Basically we sat down in the bedroom with some items that belonged to our loved ones and we talked about the people that came before us who died, my grama, my papa, his sister Sophie. Skyler babbled too and gave his input. We talked about how we missed them and how they are always a part of our lives. We gave our thanks for another summer past and all the good things in life, and the hard times that we've overcome, and then we had breakfast!

Tonight we'll probably take him to my moms, my dads, and Chuck's parents just to show off his costume and maybe get some treats for the grown-ups. Other than that it will likely be a quiet evening. Living in an apartment I don't expect we'll have any kids trick or treating. Which sucks because it's so fun to give out candy or to go trick or treating, but I think Skyler is just too little for that still. Maybe next year, hopefully he will be walking by then and can participate and have a bit more fun. What are your plans for halloween? I hope you all have a good one this year!

*In the link, if you scroll down to the bottom-ish where it says Neopaganism it gives you some idea of how Wiccans celebrate it. :)

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Stacie said...

Happy Halloween! I hope you had a great day.