Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Wow, so I'm in between my shifts today and napping on my couch. I wake up after about two hours, sobbing. I was sobbing in my sleep and as I woke up. Want to know why? I dreamt I was going to a funeral for a little girl. Maybe about six or eight years old. Her little sister was handicapped in some way that caused her not to be able to walk. And I remember one part of the dream like it was a scene from a movie. Where the little girl who was still alive, sat atop her sister's coffin. After that, there was a part where we lowered her into the ground, the coffin just kept going down and down and down until it disappeared from sight entirely. The hole was neverending. I remember wandering around the funeral asking how she died. It was something to do with her playing a game with her sister and something went wrong.. I don't remember the details.

That my dear friends, was extremely disturbing. I hope that wasn't a premonitory dream. Especially since I work at a daycare. *shudders*.

I hope you all have more pleasant dreams than I do. I'm almost afraid to close my eyes again. I woke up sobbing, I couldn't imagine going through that for real. Especially not with my own child. Horrifying.


smolder said...

I hate dreams like that, you think that they are so real, and they leave an lasting impression on you even when you have woken up. But i do beleive that dreams also do mean somthing. it most likely not means a little girl is going to die, (hopefully), it could mean you are putting a part of your past to rest.

Stacie said...

There have only been about 4 times in my life where I have had dreams so real, like yours, where I wake up crying. Even after I wake, the emotions are still so raw.

I hope you don't have any others like that again!

Karen said...

I hate dreams like that, too. I don't usually get the sad ones, but for years I had the ones where I couldn't move or scream or do anything but something horrible was happening.

Verna said...

Someone once told me when you dream of death there will be new life.

Perhaps someone close to you will find out that they are with child.

I don't normally remember my dreams, but I know they can be very scary when they seem so much like reality.

Hope your next dreams will be sweet dreams.

Corrie Howe said...

I agree. I have dreams that are so really that the feelings linger throughout the day.

I have a recurring dream that my husband and I never really married. I wake up and I'm upset with me. I know it is silly. We've been married 10 years now.

I know this means something else is going on in my unconscious mind, I just haven't been able to decode it yet.