Friday, October 16, 2009

Neuro - Seizures

Okay so the appointment went well. Each time I see Skyler's neurologist I realize how much I like him. He was happy we called and that we pay such close attention to Skyler, he said they waited a week on purpose to see if the actions increased (which they didn't, they actually decreased, he hasn't done it even once today) the doctor said with Infantile Spasms they always get much worse over a week to two week period. He reviewed the video I took of Skyler and said that it was definitely not a seizure. But as we were sitting there Skyler did the thing he does when he gets excited he flailed his arms. The doctor said that that movement looked like what happens during a seizure, except for the fact that it was isolated, and he had a look of excitement (not common with seizures, the child is usually in pain). He said to monitor it, and he would put Skyler on the waiting list for an EEG (which is 2-3 months) and that if by that time we didn't think it necessary I'm to call and cancel it. If he has the same movements in clusters and it begins increasing he wants us to call and they will bump someone else to get him seen immediately.

His neuro is a great, caring doctor who takes us very seriously and commends our parenting skills and the fact that we are very attentive and attuned to our son and his needs. I felt good leaving the appointment even though his flailing thing looked kind of like a seizure. I honestly think it is just what he does when he is excited. He has always done it, and never in clusters, and it's just his arms, normally the legs would contract too. Anyway I am glad that if it is a seizure we will find out, and have him seen right away.

Aside from that, it's been a long and not very good day. Work was alright, the kinders were well behaved, as well behaved as children can be of course. But the rest of it.. Eh I can't wait for this day to be over.


Stacie said...

I'm so glad that Sky's neuro appointment went well. That must be quite a relief for you and C.

I'm sorry work wasn't the greatest today. At least it's Friday.

Corrie Howe said...

I'm glad that you went and that the doctor was able to give you some peace of mind. However, that he was also being cautious by having an EEG.

Karen said...

It's so awesome that you have that kind of doctor, the kind that sees you as part of the team. I'm glad that the news was good. I kind of felt it would be, since he was doing it less and less. Each of my kids had strange little quirks that probably seemed very strange to others. But I knew it was normal for them. If you feel his movement is just his way of expressing excitement, it probably is.

LuckyOnce said...

I'm glad the appointment was productive and the neuro doesn't seem too concerned.

When D was very little he had a "tic" sort of head movement, and it was very scary for us. He had an EEG and and MRI, which turned up nothing, and then the tic just went away as he grew older. Hope that happens for Skyler too!

Ashley's Mom said...

I'm so happy that it's not seizures. Your neuro sounds wonderful!