Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby On The Go

Still in the clear on the head shaking front which is good. I'm having an easier time keeping the panic at bay knowing that he is only doing it about 3 times a day now and nowhere near as severe. Some days I honestly do wonder though what it's like to have a baby without special needs. Do other parents worry this much? Probably at times I bet. I just don't know. Hard for me to tell since I've never had a typical one. I get the feeling though that if I do have a typical baby I will always feel like I'm forgetting something. You know that feeling you get when you're in bed and the baby is sound asleep and you wake up suddenly, freaking out because you think you forgot to give him his last dose of prednisone? I imagine it will be like that except when I wake up freaking out about not giving the typical baby their drugs I will realize they don't need drugs and I'll have to try to fall back asleep. I mean I have been off birth control for 7 or 8 years and I still sometimes have that feeling that I've forgotten to take my pill, or that it's time to take it. I'm strange I know.

On the movement front Skyler is in full mobility mode. He refuses now to stay stationary for any period of time. And he is figuring out this whole crawling thing too. He now will go from sitting to being on his stomach with his bum in the air. He still has this whole problem of leaving his face on the carpet though. Haha. So he is moving his body, but his face is in the carpet. Poor kid is going to get rug burn on his nose if he doesn't figure out how to lift his torso up or at least his head very soon. I mean he will lift his torso and his head while lying still, but hasn't figured out how to do the leg part at the same time. Last night he was sitting on my lap facing me and my arms were down at my sides. He put his hands on my shoulders and pulled himself to standing without a moment's hesitation or a faltering movement. It was just wham hey mom now I'm standing. And I'm sitting there looking at him like O.o I feel like my baby knows magic tricks or something.

I want to thank everyone for all the wonderful comments. Especially on the posts about seizures. It makes a world of difference to me that you all comment and reassure me, and have such great suggestions or advice. Thank you.

In other news, Chuck came to work with me yesterday, and has an admirer. Haha. One of our grade one girls was cold when we took them outside (because it snowed!! We had a blizzard yesterday, it's only October 10th. Sigh) so she put her hands in his jacket pocket and he warmed them with his hand. When one of the other teachers offered to take her inside because she was freezing she smiled shyly and giggled saying she would rather stay outside with Chuck. It was so cute. We did bring them in about 5 minutes later though so don't worry she didn't get hypothermia or anything.

I'm finding myself way more in charge than ever before. I've started to realize that we have about 55 kids in my room, and the other staff aren't very good at getting their attention or getting them to do what they need to do. So I've started stepping up to the plate. And they're actually responding to me quite well. I swear I get a rush everytime I manage to get everyone listening and doing what they are supposed to be doing. It's an amazing thing to have the attention of 55 kids between 6 and 9 all at once. I even had them clean up their mess properly yesterday before they could go outside. It's been chaos before, they would leave toys everywhere because "I didn't play with it so I don't have to clean it up!" well that excuse doesn't fly with me anymore. I make everyone tidy up everything together. We all need to help each other.

It's 7 am and I'm tired, Skyler has gotten very used to being up this early so he is of course awake now, and I want to sleep because it's Saturday on a long weekend. By the way happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks. I can't believe we have snow for thanksgiving this year, normally we don't get snow until Hallowe'en. Wow I am all over the place. Clearly it's time to try and put the kid back to bed. I'll hopefully post some thanksgiving pics after the weekend's over. Take care everyone.


Corrie Howe said...

Wow, snow this early! Happy Thanksgiving. Looking forward to pictures.

Stacie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Ours in at the end of November and Halloween is October 31st.

I completely admire you for being to able to contain 55 kids AND get their attention AND get them to do what you ask. I have a difficult time with just one some times, ha!

I would looove to chat with you any time. I have a Yahoo Messenger ID.


If you don't use Yahoo, I can always create a MSN account. I used to have one for many years, but stopped using it about a year ago.

Trish said...

That "I forgot something" feeling kills me. Know what still happens to me sometimes? It's Sunday night and I think 'CRAP, do I have homework?'

I'm 33!!

John C said...

We used to have the "forgot something" feeling, but our girl NEVER forgets anything. The only problem is she reminds us with a slap and a "HEY!"

But we are thankful that someone responsible is in charge, even if she is only 11.