Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Flash Skyler

It's take your husband to work day! Also known as my centre is short staffed. Chuck's mom used to run a daycare in her home for basically all of his childhood, and he has his classification as a childcare worker, and he used to work one on one with special needs kids (ones who had behavioural problems) plus he wasn't doing anything so I recruited him to come to work with me. My supervisor was awesome about it as she is with most things and said she'd bring him an employment package tomorrow to make sure he gets paid. She ended up calling me into work at 1, (I normally start my afternoon shift at 3, and chuck was going to start at 3) so I went in, Chuck brought me and he had the baby of course because bestfriend/babysitter doesn't get off her work until 3. So he got a Y shirt and talked to supervisor for a bit. Supervisor had been called to a meeting and needed me to take her place for the afternoon. Turned out she wasn't able to get back to the centre so I ended up taking her place in the kinders room all afternoon while Chuck took my place in the big room with the 1-3s.

It's funny because he used to work with one of the girls who I work with now, so I imagine he was able to acclimate quickly with the staff. And he tells me the older boys actually behaved for him. Apparently all he had to do was give them "the look" and they stopped what they were doing. Haha, I think it's funny because there hasn't been a guy working in the daycare like ever. He also had one of the girls hanging off him the entire time. I laughed, I have several of the girls hanging off me at any one point in time. Sometimes the boys too. All in all I think it went well. He's great with kids too, so that is always awesome.

As for my little monster OMG is all I have to say. This morning we were settling in, about to put him down for a nap, I was in my PJs snacking on the brownies I made last night, when the phone rang. Except it wasn't a call. It was the buzzer. The appointment with his CNIB OT that Chuck told me was scheduled for tomorrow was actually today. UH OH! Haha, so I quickly tidied up and changed my clothes before she got to the apartment door. We had a good visit, Skyler is doing so much more than last time she saw him. I showed her how he takes steps now. Except I have been helping him by lifting one arm a little to prompt him to take a step. Anyway she was impressed and wrote up a good report for him (she always does).

Now for the OMG part. I got home from work and picked up my baby, I had him on my lap facing me, hugging him, and he started climbing me! I put him down on the floor and held his hands and he was gone, like walking away from me. Walking all over the place, walking fast! Walking without me prompting him in the slightest. It's scary!! On the one hand I am like omgomgomg walk walk walk baby! Go baby go! On the other hand, no no no no you are my tiny little baby! No walking! Stay here with mommy! Ahh. I am so delighted with his mobility. It's mindblowing. I put him down in his crib half an hour ago, he had his head up in the left half of the crib, bum in the right half, he was on his back. I can hear him babbling and then eventually crying on the monitor. So I go in and he is up in the very right hand corner of the crib on his stomach, head on the right, bum on the left. Like what happened to my little baby who doesn't go anywhere?? I'm so excited and freaked out. It's just awesome/scary.

Oh and along the lines of scary. I called the Neuro's office today, and spoke to the nurse, I described to her what he does and she asked me if I could take a video of it. I said I already had. She said it didn't sound like Infantile Spasms, she said she wasn't sure what it was and she would have to talk to the neurologist and call me back. I waited for her to call me back, but hours passed by and nothing, so I went to work and my phone was on silent. When I got out of work I checked my voice mail. She had left me a message saying they were going to schedule him for an appointment next week and she wanted me to call back and schedule it right away. She also went on to say that if it becomes more frequent or intense to take him to the ER immediately.. She didn't say why, and I called back but the office was closed. I left a message saying I needed to book his appointment and to call me back tomorrow.. But now I am stressing about this. I want to, no I need to know why I should take him to the ER. Clearly they are worried that this is serious. So now I am too.


Stacie said...

OMG, he walks?! Congratulations Skyler! That seemed to happen super fast.

That's so awesome that your husband could help out at your work. Was it just for the one day?

Please, please, please let us all know how the neuro appointment goes once he is seen next week.


Azaera said...

He's actually casual part-time basically a sub for our centre if we need him. Which at this point we do. My supervisor said he can come in any time he wants. She said just let her know when he wants to come in. Which is cool haha. And I absolutely will let you know what happens with the neuro. I'm totally freaked, but I mean I'm sure we can handle it. Whatever challenge we're facing next.

John C said...

You can e-mail me about ONHP, no problem.

Karen said...

Now I'm worried, too. But clearly Sky isn't being damaged by what's happening. He's ahead of the curve. He's walking! But of course you have to take it seriously until the neurologist sees him.

As to the walking, that is so cool! When Zoe was little... maybe 9 months old, she learned to stand up on her own. It was the strangest thing because she didn't push off the floor with her hands, she just rocked forward onto her feet and stood. But she wouldn't walk for another month and a half. She was just too nervous. So she'd stand up, look around, then get down and crawl for a moment, then stand up again so she could see how far she'd come.

Ashley's Mom said...

I just hate it when doctors or their staff leave me hanging like that. They need to put themselves in our positions sometimes to understand the effect their actions have on us.

Please keep us posted on what you find out. I swear, by looking at the video, it didn't look like any seizure I have ever seen, and my Ashley has done a fine job of trying out about 6 different kinds.

Try to focus on the exciting things - the walking!! How awesome is that :)

John C said...

Corrie Howe said...

Hope things work out for you. It must be hard waiting for answers.