Saturday, October 24, 2009

Moments to Treasure Sometimes Happen in the Middle of the Night

Yesterday we took the kids in daycare on a field trip to a corn maze. It was lots of fun, but it was freezing! We ended up going back to the school 2 hours earlier than we'd planned. I'm getting more and more used to being a daycare "teacher" as they call us. I want to make this post a short one, because it's late at night and Skyler is wide awake, but he is not fussing at all. I will get to that in a minute though, first I want to thank Corrie for the lovely award!

And now for the real reason I wanted to write a post at midnight on a Saturday. Someone decided he is too grown up to sleep tonight, and he went down for a bit at his bedtime but then woke up and decided he wasn't going back to bed. So he is now enjoying his Saturday night, staying up late, snacking on cheerios and watching a movie with daddy. Moments I live for as a mom of a visually impaired baby. My breath is just taken away as I watch him staring so intently at the screen, popping cheerios in his mouth and laughing at the movie, just like a big boy. (It happens to be Tinkerbell he's watching. It's nice and colourful and bright! Perfect for his vision)


Corrie Howe said...

Ahhhh. Now, see that's what I'm talking about. He's too cute.

Karen said...

What a sweetie!

Stacie said...

Oh yes, I can remember about the time Laney got like that too. They never seem to revert back to "babies" once they realize they like doing big boy/girl activities.

That is such an adorable picture of Sky and C watching Tinkerbell.