Thursday, October 15, 2009


Took him swimming again tonight. It was great, Chuck and I both went in the water with him and we played. He was a bit sleepy this time so he snuggled us a lot in the water, but just enjoyed the waves, and I helped him "swim" a bit and he laughed and had a good time. Again once we were done, he was ready to pass out in our arms as we changed him. I really like our Y, there are two pools (the main tank, and the family pool) and a hot tub and steam room. They have men, women, and family change rooms. And they just renovated the whole place this year, so the change rooms are spacious and there are huge individual change rooms within the family change room with benches. It makes it so easy to get changed and ready to swim.

Today was a pretty long day for our family. Chuck got asked to sub at another centre run by the Y, so he was there from 11 until 6, while I watched Skyler until 3 and then went to work for my normal shift at my school. We had a few incidents today. One of our grade fours is having a bit of an aggression problem. Obviously I am not going to go into details because of confidentiality, but he's not special needs, I think it's more a matter of never being told the word "no" and so when he is told no at our centre he has a habit of throwing things and getting very upset. Today he purposely hurt another child. It was not good. We also had another incident with a couple grade two boys fighting. We dealt with it all, told them violence is not acceptable, or tolerated in our centre. And the parents were spoken with. Hopefully it doesn't happen again.

Tomorrow is going to be even more hectic. I work 7-9 and then at 10:45 Skyler has his neuro appointment, then I'm back to work from 12 until 6. Chuck has an interview at 4, for a job with an alarm company, which is for overnights. Which he is excited about because it will mean he can continue working at our centre. The kids love him and he loves playing with them too. He's always out in the field playing soccer or tug of war or whatever the kids want to do. The centre he was at today actually offered him a full time position but he had to decline because he has a job interview tomorrow and the hours might not work out for taking care of Skyler. We could probably make it work if we need to though, so it's nice to have the option if the interview tomorrow doesn't pan out.

I'll update you tomorrow about his neuro appointment, but it will have to wait until I'm done work so it may not be until 6 or 7. Hope you all are well!

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Corrie Howe said...

I hope everything works out tomorrow...the appointment and the interview