Friday, November 20, 2009

Look How Far We've Come

That's right, yesterday at 5:53pm my little monster turned one whole year old! And just like last year I'm posting about it the day after. We had a quiet birthday at home with him, Chuck made us a nice dinner and Skyler enjoyed it. He opened a present from aunty and let me tell you he loves ripping wrapping paper. I can't wait for tomorrow, because it's his first first birthday party, no that's not a typo. Sunday is his second first birthday party, if you get what I mean.

It`s amazing how far we`ve come.

(not pictured, the rest of his toys.)
(oh yeah tomorrow my living room becomes a Fi.sher Pri.ce catalogue, or possibly a To.ys R U.s)


John C said...


Stacie said...

Wow, that crept up fast.

Happy 1st Birthday Skyler!!!

I hope he has a great party :)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday Skyler!

And congratulations Mom and Dad. Good job!

CLC said...

Happy Birthday Skyler!

Ashley's Mom said...

Happy birthday, Handsome Boy!!!