Monday, August 11, 2008

One Of Those Days

They seem to be getting frequent. Far too frequent if you ask me.

Ok, so I skipped out on the wonderful symptom of morning sickness. Lucky me. Really. Which as many books have assured me this is a bad thing, morning sickness purges the toxins out of our bodies, and keeps baby safe and healthy. And being nauseated by the way certain foods smell keeps us from eating things we shouldn't eat while pregnant. Apparently. Well my body must be trying to sabotage me big time. And the universe is getting me back for not suffering with all the puking. I have sinusitis. Sounds lovely huh. This is not just some run of the mill sniffles and sneezing. This is I wake up at 5am every morning not just to pee any more, but to sneeze until my brains are in the kleenex, which I have completely run out of by the way and am now using and reusing toilet paper which seems to disintigrate when you look at.

On top of lovely symptom number one come the rest of them including, pounding nonstop headahche, the inability to breathe AT ALL. I kid you not, blowing my nose no matter how many times and no matter how hard, will not allow me to breathe for even a blessed second. All I get is popped ear drums, I guess I am blowing too hard, but it is all I can do because the stuff at the bottom is runny and trying to slide down my face, but the rest of it has built a lovely barricade that no amount of blowing can get through. So I cannot breathe, which means I cannot sleep, which is lovely, I assure you. I spend most of the night trying to fall asleep and making horribly annoying sounds as I try to blow air through what used to be my sinus cavities and is now just a wall of mucous. I cannot stand breathing through my mouth although this is exactly what happens pretty much every night, which leads to the next lovely symptoms cotton mouth and sore throat respectively. I am chugging as much water as my bladder can handle which is next to nothing, I practically have to drink my water while I am on the toilet, and I continue to have to go about an hour after I have stopped peeing and drinking. And somehow it seems to be doing nothing to help this dry mouth/throat combo.

Next my favourite symptoms of all, not being able to smell or taste anything, for the last 3 weeks consecutively. Nothing, not a single thing. It is driving me up the wall. And guess who keeps making it worse by pointing out all the things I cannot smell or taste. Not that he is trying to on purpose the poor dear. But how many times do I have to remind you that I cannot taste or smell anything! Not your shirt, not that chocolate bar you got me, (thanks by the way it was a sweet idea, but it's really just taunting me now and making me even crazier. ) not the lovely strawberry scented candle you got me, which thank you strawberry is my favourite. Too bad it smells like everything else: nothing..

Okay, yeah I'm done venting I guess. . C is trying to find me some natural remedies right now, like sniffing hot steam (without burning myself of course..) it helped when I took a nice shower (I kept the hot water off my body and instead sprayed it at the bottom of the tub and sniffed up the steam. Pretty much the only thing that's somewhat worked so far.

Anyway.. there is nothing I wouldn't do for this baby, and everything is worth it, even though I am frustrated beyond belief with this. It's temporary and it's worth it. Every second of congested misery. I love you little baby, we'll get through this together.


Mrs. Spit said...

Ok, from one sinus suffer to another. The more you blow, the more your nasal passages get inflamed, and the more you blow and you can see where this is going.

Can you get your hands on a neti pot? Your local health food store or a yoga place will have one. Mix some salt and a bit of baking soda in, and run it through your nose. Won't hurt baby at all, and it will make a big difference, I promise.

Hang in there. Pregnancy can cause sinusitis. I'm sorry, it sucks.

CLC said...

That sucks. It seems like everything is magnified times 10 when you are pregnant. Hope you feel better soon.

Amy said...

I totally agree with Mrs. Spit on the neti pot. It's very helpful and natural.

If you visit an otolaryngologist he/she can prescribe some medicines that are safe to take while pregnant. I'm a lifelong sinus/allery/and asthma sufferer, so I totally understand the pain. I hope you find some relief!