Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm dying of thirst, seriously I love drinking water, and I'm supposed to drink like 8 gallons a day or some ridiculous thing. But we're living in an apartment in a certain end of the city where most of the pipes are made of lead. I used to live in an apartment just down the street from here and the girl down the hall had kidney failure from drinking the water from the tap. Or so she claimed.

Anyway I was downing a lot of water last week, just gulping glass after glass of filtered tap water. (We use a brita) And I started to get heartburn and then eventually ended up on the toilet a good part of the night.. Now I don't know if it was the water, or something I ate that day, or if it's just part of being pregnant. And I am well aware that I am paranoid, but since then I haven't been able to bring myself to drink much filtered tap water.. And it's making me go crazy. I need to go buy bottled water or have our water tested or something because I don't know if it was lead, or some sort of bacteria in the water or maybe it wasn't the water at all.

Either way I am soo thirsty. I've been resorting to drinking those sports drinks, like Powerade. They're supposed to replenish your elctrolyes and whatever, so for now that will have to do.

The baby last night must have kicked me at least twelve times. I am happy baby seems to be doing so well, but everytime I think about it I think about the insurmountable future. It just seems like there is still so much time left in this pregnancy for anything and everything to go wrong. Lots of the women on here have had stillbirths.. I'm terrified that even if I make it past the miscarriage stage unlike last time, that I won't make it to happy healthy living baby. That there is still that chance that I'll have a stillborn. I'm trying not to think about it, being grateful for the moment, for the fact that I am pregnant, whether it ends well or not. I guess this time together is better than nothing right, and I made it further than last time. I really hope this one lives..


Mrs. Spit said...

I live in a 1911 house with lead pipes. If you are worried (and really, loose lead paint is a much bigger deal!), let the tap run for a minute. The lead seeps into water that is standing in the pipes - once you flush that water out, you are totally fine.

And I hate to tell your friend, but lead doesn't cause kidney problems. Neurological problems in children, maybe, and possibly liver problems in already sick (like with cirrohisis) adults, but not kidney problems.

STAY AWAY from Gatorade, unless you are running a marathon. It's designed for althletes, and can really throw the electrolyte system of a normal person out of whack, which you don't want.

CLC said...

I hope you are feeling better. I remember my OB telling me that drinking water was the most important thing- even more important than food. So stay hydrated. And hang in there. You have made it this far, so your chances of making it all the way are excellent!