Monday, August 18, 2008

Road Kill or Petting Zoo

I'm still alive. Good stuff. Although if the drivers in "friendly" manitoba had anything to say about it I'm sure I wouldn't be. What is with people looking me right in the eye as I'm crossing the street, and then speeding up directly at me so that I have to leap out of the way?? Is this like grand theft auto? Do you get more points for scaring the crap out of the pregnant lady? This last guy that tried to hit me as I was crossing had kids in his car! I can see that conversation playing out..

"Daddy what was that thump!?"

"Oh nothing honey, just go back to eating your human flesh sandwich."

"But daddy did we just hit someone??"

"Of course not sweetie, pregnant women aren't actually people. They're breeding pods."

I don't know, that's all I could come up with to explain someone being that sick in the head. He seriously saw me crossing the street, and sped up and was about an inch away from hitting me. I had to leap out of the way. And I'm definitely showing. I have a nice big round belly. Which is another new thing. Apparently upon the arrival of the baby bump, comes your obvious permission for everyone to touch your stomach. Whether they know you or not.

We went to a party the other night, it was all C's family pretty much, and their friends. Some of whom I didn't know, some of whom he didn't either. Anyway this one girl comes up to me says 'I've never touched a baby belly before" puts her hand on my stomach and then walks away. Ok.. did I miss something here? C's sisters and our old room mates as well were feeling me up and down like I was some sort of fuzzy baby animal. I guess they were confused because we were on a farm with a petting zoo. After about 15 minutes of being petted and having people fight over who was going to pet me next I finally found a way to sneak off to another area.

I admit they weren't hurting me. But I must say it is strange to have everyone all of a sudden in my bubble rubbing my belly. I feel a little like a freak show. It makes me wonder if animals ever get annoyed when people are constantly petting them. Maybe if they were rubbing my back or something it wouldn't be so annoying. I wouldn't mind a free massage. But this belly groping thing is just weird.

So we got a new dresser for the baby. It's huge. it was a gift from C's parents. It's very wide, and at a good height for a change table, so we set it up opposite our bed, and centered the change pad underneath Sophie's flowers. It looks perfect there, it kind of brings everything together. I know Sophie would want to be there watching over all of us. I wish she could be in my arms though.. As I explain to her that she is going to have a younger sibling.. But I know that had she lived, this baby never would have been conceived.. It's one or the other..

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CLC said...

That last line. That kills me. It's so true yet so heartbreaking.