Saturday, January 24, 2009


Today we spent the day walking around the mall with another couple (friends of ours) and their baby who was born in September. Our day started with a chiro appt (my boss is a chiro and checks us for free) at 9:45 then off to deposit my cheque for the week, and then met up with our friends at the mall. We spent the entire day walking around. It was awesome, and completely exhausting. I was so glad to get out of the apartment though. Winnipeg winters are absolutely trechearous in that they cause you to go completely stir crazy if you don't manage to go somewhere and do something. And since being outside is not an option if you value your extremities, the mall is possibly the best place to go if you have a little one. It's loud enough and full of other people's children so that even when yours is screaming his head off you don't feel embarrassed.

We just put him in his new travel system (graco vie4 stroller & snugride car seat) and closed both the canopy thingies to keep the lookie loos from breathing their germs all over him, and he slept pretty much the entire time. Our friends bought us one of those Safety First kits with the hair brush, comb, tweezers and baby nail clippers which is good because Skyler has been scratching himself really bad. We put the little baby mittens on him to keep him from doing any more damage, but right now it looks like he got into a fight with a really tiny kitten.

Anyways while the mall was such a nice break from everything I must admit I am ready to drop. How sad that I used to be able to go with 5 hours of sleep, hit the club and dance until 4 am and still feel up to having a bite to eat with friends, and now a day of walking around the mall pushing a stroller makes me want to pass out. Honestly, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. This exhaustion is wonderous, this feeling is how it feels to be a parent to a live baby. I love it. I hope every one of you who hasn't had it yet gets it soon. May you find your wonderful exhaustion. You all deserve it.


Amy said...

I can't wait for wonderful exhaustion. I love how you put that.

Parents at my school are always warning me about parenthood and how tired I'll be, or urging me to go be "free" with my husband until the baby comes. I always smile and say little, but I really want to explain that I've been "free" and I've been wanting this exhaustion for some time. I feel like parents that got their kids without any major hurdles don't know the value of what they have (and I know that's totally judgmental).

Also, I had to tell D about Sky and his nails. We love the line about him being in a fight with a tiny kitten!

Never Clever said...

That's great that you were able to get out with Sky and hang out with friends.

I have learned that parenting is both physically AND mentally exhausting. I seem to have be asleep b 10 PM to be able to function the next day. Kind of sad at only 28.

Isn't it absolutely crazy how quickly baby's nails grow?! I seriously have to clip Laney's every other day - damn things get sharp!

I hope you have a good rest of the weekend!

She said...

I love the tiny kitten image too. It's so true!! They grow so fast, and they HATE having them filed too. (Mine's 18 months, and he STILL hates having them filed!)

The excursion sounds wonderful. It's so much fun to have strangers ooh and aah over this little thing that you think is so wonderful too!