Tuesday, January 20, 2009

His Mother's Gonna Give Him A Complex

C and I are practicing attachment parenting, which so far is working wonderfully. What that means is basically holding him 85% of the time, and picking him up as soon as he cries. We put him to bed either with us in his co-sleeper/bed-that-goes-in-our-bed-thingy or in the crib which is right next to our bed so that he can be close by. We never leave him in a room alone either, he is within armsreach if not in our arms/the sling at all times. So far so good, he rarely cries because we notice when he is rooting for food right away and change his diaper frequently. And cuddles and burping are obviously happening all the time so really all his needs are being met.

However an unfortunate side effect of holding baby all the time is that sometimes while he is sleeping/breastfeeding we tend to need to eat, and as a result of that I have come up with this list:
Things I may or may not have gotten on my baby's head:
1. maple syrup
2. bread crumbs
3. milk

Most of that is from incessant head kissing. He is probably going to be so embarrassed by me as a teenager. Heck judging from the looks he gives me I'm betting he is already embarrassed by me. I love the faces he makes they are so hilarious.

Today (okay maybe yesterday whatever) we took him to the clinic near our place that runs the Baby & Me group we used to go to, and the nurses and the outreach worker who know us from group and our prenatal class were very excited to meet Skyler for the first time. They broke out the scale and weighed him. One week ago he weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and as of yesterday's weight he is at 7 pounds 7 ounces. His adjusted age is 3 days old.

I've taken to calling him Tooty and Mr. Gruntington. Again probably another reason why he makes those hilarious faces at me. Poor kid, only 2 months old and already has the most embarrassing nicknames. Ah well I have to pay it forward, my mom used to call me Pooper Scooper.. You can bet it took me well into my teens to make her stop calling me that. And now that I have a baby she says he makes the same pooping face that I used to as a baby. so whenever people ask what he got from his mom and what he got from his dad there's always that..

Heck even I am embarrassed for him. Ah well, time to put Tooty Gruntington back to bed.


Never Clever said...

I also practiced attachment parenting. It was awesome. Laney and I have a very strong bond now. It really does build a lot of trust from your baby too.

I had read a book on it, and I think it works really well. I used a sling until she was around 4.5 months old & too heavy to be in it. She lived in that sling.

You might as well be as goofy with Sky as you can while he's young because that day will come when he'll say, "Mooooom, you're embarrassing me in front of my friends."

Amy said...

If everyone's childhood was only scarred by a little maple syrup and some crumbs, it would be a more peaceful world. Keep up the good work.