Saturday, January 3, 2009

Naughty Thrills

Ok that title sounds way dirtier than I intended. Yeah I did something bad, and it was slightly exciting. Don't worry it wasn't anything too horrible, but I'm going to let you take guesses as to what it was.

My little warrior is doing great. I've actually been afraid to post about it for fear of him sliding downwards again, but when I think about it my blog is kind of like a record of everything that's happening in my life. Really this is my journal so maybe years later when I am telling my son how he scared me and his dad to death when he was first born I can look back and remember exactly how it went down. So having said that, he has bottled most of his feeds the last few days, with very few brady/desats. Oh and he has been off the nasal prongs for a while. He's still not ready to come home yet and I imagine my estimate of the 25th is probably pretty accurate, but he is making progress and for that I am elated.

I want to congratulate Antigone, she had Perseus on New Years.

And to everyone who has been leaving comments I love you all, you keep me going, thank you so much.


Never Clever said...

Yay for bottle feedings and no more NP. That's excellent news! I'm crossing my fingers, toes, and eyes for January 25th. That'd be one perfect birthday gift ;)

As for a tattoo, I have mine in places that can be covered up with the exception of my wrist. My first one on my chest is small (I was scared out of mind), resulting in a itty bitty tattoo. The more I got, the larger they became.

It all depends on where you would feel most comfortable with it on your body. I won't lie, it will hurt no matter where you put it. It's a good kind of pain? Just look at it like this: the more fattier of a place you put it, the less it will hurt. My foot and wrist tattoos were the absolute. worst.ever.

Never Clever said...

Ooooh, I forgot to guess the naught thrill.

Did you tell one of the mean nurses to shove it?

Amy said...

Naughty thrill...mmmm, you held Sky longer than one of the mean nurses said you could? You slipped a happy pill into the nurse's coffee?

BTW, I like your meditation mantra. Mabe if I repeat it enough I'll believe it! Thanks...I'm scared.

Rachel Inbar said...

I was going to guess that you stole the carrot from your neighbor's snowman and cooked it in your soup.

Is that an indication that I don't get enough sleep?

Keeping my fingers crossed for you for the 25th or sooner :-)

Modi'in, Israel

Heather & Dominic said...

I have tattoos too with my kids name. Script around the ankle.

Can't tell you how to get through these times because it's never easy, and if it's your first time in the NICU, then it seems like FOREVER. But fear not, because after you get him home you will feel every minute of every day of his growing up (for real)... consider this "womb time." And the benefit to the NICU is that he won't need to be put in complete darkness/quiet to sleep, he'll be used to being handled, and you'll be used to a whole slew of crap unlike term moms. And you're going to hold him. A lot. Every day. And then you will come to the point where you set him down to do something mundane, and you will be surprised not to feel guilty.

Have you told Sky you want him home by the 25th? Sometimes they listen. :)

Just think, you could be looking for sitters! HANG IN, you're almost there...