Saturday, January 17, 2009

For Sophie

Thanks everyone, yeah he is already on the meds. We have a little calendar just for him, we write down every time he takes them.

There are no words for how happy my baby makes me. Today should be a sad day. A year ago today I lost Sophie.. but I'm not sad. Am I a bad mom? I miss her greatly, but I'm so happy to have my son. I think Sophie would be happy to see her little brother, so Sophie this is for you.

Don't mind the lady with the crazy hair, I swear I'd do something to fix it if I had time.


Never Clever said...

Wow, the 17th holds a lot of significance.

First of all, you are adorable. Secondly, Sky is quite the little handsome fellow!

You are not a bad mom at all for not being sad. You are moving forward - that is okay. She will never ever be forgotten.

Amy said...

You're not a bad mom. You said it yourself - you've given yourself permission to feel grateful, and that's exactly what you're being - grateful for your beautiful baby boy.

Happy Birthday, Sophie. You're remembered by many.

Ya Chun said...

All your love for both ties them together, and I am glad that you can feel happy, as I'm sure Sophie is too

CLC said...

He's beautiful! Thinking of you, C, Sophie and Sky!