Monday, January 12, 2009

If you happen to be one of my neighbours I'm sorry

But if you don't want to see a half naked chick pumping milk from her boobs with a wad of kleenex up one nostril to stop a nosebleed then don't look in my windows.

Moving on. We figured it out, (ish. I think). I've been putting him to breast every time we feed him now, and he is finally getting reacquainted with it. At first he was pretty pissed off but then he figured out that hey this isn't so bad. So now we're letting him breastfeed until he's tired of it, and then offer him the bottle, and while daddy gives him the bottle I pump. Best of both worlds. This method seems to be working. And yeah I have been pumping all through the night, every time he is awake I wake up and pump, and I pumped at work today too. Actually got a good amount of milk and I'm finding with the half breastfeed/half bottle feed method thing I'm actually getting ahead of him again in production.

Work was great, I didn't have to use the formula at all, and N (2 year old) was amazing. The last two weeks she has been saying things like "I'm so mad from baby Syah!" (Skyler). She wouldn't tell us why, I'm guessing she's not too impressed that he's going to have my attention. So we weren't sure what to expect today. But when I brought him in she was very happy. The first thing she said to him was "don't cry baby Syah" because he was starting to wake up and get hungry. She spent much of the afternoon mothering him. She brought me every single rolled up receiving blanket from his car seat and gently covered him up "keep baby Syah warm". She read him stories (I have no idea how but she has memorized entire books! She didn't even need me to read a single word. I am so impressed with her I'm speechless). She kissed his head when he cried, she told him she loved him, and when I asked her "Who is baby Skyler's mommy?" She said "Tel" (her nickname for herself). She even went to find her toy bottle for him when he cried. "Baba for Syah".

C came to my work after he dropped off his one year old, and held Sky and watched N for me while I pumped. I sat in the same room, just draped a receiving blanket over myself. It was good, Sky actually breastfed for me while I was at work, and N was very helpful. I had had one container of milk with me, and he took about 50mls after he breastfed. Overall a very good day. I'm amazed how fast he caught on with the breastfeeding thing too. The last few days were rather frustrating, but he remembered how to do it pretty quickly. I thought this was going to be much worse.

ETA: Becky I miss your blog so much, and I emailed you but I don't think you ever got it. And to the rest of you if I haven't commented on your blog yet, give me time I am catching up with everyone's posts. Some of you from the very beginning. I love you all! (I must be on something to be this happy.. Maybe that two year old spiked my orange juice. Kids these days..)


Amy said...

What an adorable picture! Keep the cuteness coming; it gives me hope!

(And I'm so glad he's figured out the breastfeeding again - that sounded so stressful!)

Never Clever said...

What a lovely picture!

I so happy to hear that Sky is learning to nurse. Just keep at it it's not easy at first. It takes a lot of practice for both mommy and baby.

She said...

That is an adorable picture. I'm so happy the BFing is going well too! Things are looking up. :)

Heather & Dominic said...

You deserve to be happy! :)

Anonymous said...

I've been MIA as well ha ha. did becky get back to you yet?? the pic is adorable!