Saturday, March 21, 2009

Doing Good

We're still around, hanging in there. Sky has a cold, scared the crap out of us. He turned blue Sunday night and was coughing a bit. His temp was up to 37 which is abnormal for him he is usually around 36. Took him to Children's ER. We were there until 6am. So exhausting. Doctors checked him out and said he'd be okay, not RSV just keep an eye on him. We have been of course. He's been sniffly and coughing a bit, but overall not bad.

We also took him for his first swim, he loved it. We went with a couple of friends who have a son a couple months older than Skyler. It was a nice heated kiddie pool, and we kept his head above water. He didn't fuss at all and seemed to have a great time with it. He's been hitting more milestones. Holding his head up amazingly well, and he loves sucking on his hands, and grabbing toys.

C wants me to tell you about the incident today in the parking lot. After we deposited my cheques we were sitting in the car because I needed to breastfeed (mall parking lots are my new favourite place to breastfeed) and some elderly woman opened her car door right into our car so hard that it shook the entire car. We were both startled. C got out and tried to speak to the woman, she kept saying she did nothing wrong, but really lady you shook our whole car. She refused to apologize and eventually walked off. C is still pretty mad about it.

We've been watching House a lot lately. I find Hugh Laurie strangely attractive for some reason. Of course most British guys tend to be hot for some reason.. Ok well maybe not all of them..

And a bonus for reading yet another boring post!

Can't help but laugh at that last one. :D


Never Clever said...

Poor little guy.

I hope he feels 100% better soon!

I would have freaked the f*ck out if Laney turned blue.

Sky is so adorable!!! Thank you for sharing :)

Karen said...

He is a doll! I'm so sorry to hear that he's sick, but glad that it's not serious.

I know we don't know each other, but I've been thinking about you a lot. Your post the other day about your son's sight brought back a lot of memories for me because my son also had vision problems. His were only in one eye, but it was still scary and overwhelming. You inspired me to write about it on my blog because after reading what you wrote, I kept coming back to it in my head. So thank you for helping me put it in words, something I would not have done if not for you.

Amy said...

I'm so sorry he's sick! It's so scary when they're so little.

I love the pics, especially that after-bath one. What a cute little towel he's wrapped up in!

Buttercup said...

Not a boring post at all, and Sky is a cutie-pie!