Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Sharing this blog with someone from my "real world" feels a lot like the first time you undress in front of a lover. Obviously you trust them or you wouldn't get naked (unless you're drunk or otherwise incapacitated) but there is still this sense of vulnerability. You've just laid bare your whole soul. How can they see you with clothes on again and not remember what's underneath? However along with the vulnerability thing comes this sense of familiarity, you're no longer afraid of someone finding out what's lurking in the depths of your mind because you've already shown them.


Stacie said...

As for me, the only person who knows me IRL that knows I have a blog is my mom. She doesn't tell anyone per my request.

I feel like I have a dirty little secret. But then I realize that I am entitled to have a 'private' blog--that is far from private.

Buttercup said...

I also felt really nervous telling RL friends I had a blog. I am careful about the few people IRL I tell and also how much I expose. I also feel like I have a secret life, that is open to the whole world.

I do a lot of writing at work, but it's edited and approved by many people. I like having the blog because it's my voice and there is no one to tell me I need to rewrite or change anything. I love having my own voice.

Verna said...

The other night my husband ask what Coleman2 was. I told him it was my blog...."Oh, I'll not read it-- It's probably about me".... I told him "No, it's not, if I want to write about you I'll go to the journal that nobody can get in"
I don't know if he read it or not, but it was as tho he was trying to make me feel as tho I had a secret life blogging about things.

I know I have learned a lot from reading other people's blogs and their faith in God. I feel it has helped me grow in my own life.

She said...

I agree that it does kind of feel like a "dirty little secret." Only one of my friends know about mine, and I almost wish I hadn't told her just because then I would feel completely free. Or something. Hopefully the person you shared with will realize what a sacred and special gift you've given them.

Karen said...

I just blog using my real name. I know, you're not supposed to. Stalkers and all. But honestly I don't think anyone I know IRL bothers to read my blog. I'm a stay at home mom and most of my friends work full time. My social life sucks, LOL.