Sunday, March 1, 2009

Littlest Big Boy

Friday was great, I loved my Mommy & Me workshop. There are four parts, this was the first one entitled The Mommy Myth. We talked about how the media and society shape our view of ourselves as mothers. How we feel guilty if we're not the "perfect" mom or the "perfect" wife. We talked about how we're encouraged to rid ourselves of all evidence of motherhood on our bodies (stretch marks, extra weight) and how we're inundated with pictures of slim celebrities who lost the baby weight in weeks. Needless to say it was eye opening and very interesting.

After the class we got cable tv installed, which we haven't had since last spring before we moved. Shortly after that was finished the visitor from the Welcome Wagon came and brought a whole bunch of stuff for me and baby. Certificates for free haircuts, free oil change, $10 gift certificate for a local baby/kid consignment shop, etc. So Saturday I packed up a whole bunch of girl clothes that I've decided I won't be using even if I have a girl, and I brought it in for trade at the consignment shop. I got $22 worth of free baby clothes for Skyler. It was awesome. I ended up spending $2 and getting 5 pairs of pants and a onesie. Most of it is Baby Gap and Carters and Mexx and Roots and Children's Place. And it's all basically new. I think this stuff may have been worn once. Really babies grow out of their clothes so fast I can't justify spending $30 on one outfit at some fancy store in the mall when I can spend the same at the consignment store and get like 7 things. Unless of course it is like some super adorable outfit that I just have to have for professional pictures of him or something.

Anyway it's been a pretty good weekend. And I'll leave you with a picture of world's most adorable little big boy.


She said...

I get a lot of D's clothes during the BRU Carters buy-one-get-one-50%-off sales, but I really need to check out the place near us that sells used gear. They really do grow so fast!
Cute picture of the little man!

Amy said...

I love the cute picture of your baby! Keep 'em coming! :-)

Never Clever said...

Glad to hear your weekend was good!

You got some fantastic deals.

Skyler is such a handsome boy! Thank you for sharing :)

Never Clever said...

You have an award on my blog!