Friday, March 6, 2009

Your Request For Sleep Has Been Denied

Wow it's been almost an entire week since my last post and I have about a million and one things to write about. Let's see, on Sunday night I went to take a nap around 8pm. 9pm C comes into the bedroom to wake me, there is a very loud bell ringing I tell him to "Cut it out!!" because I am very groggy and tired and would he just let me sleep for a few minutes already jeez, but then he says "You have to get up, the fire alarm is ringing" Well shit. I leap out of bed, (and I sleep in my underwear..) search around frantically in the dark for some clothes, all the while the bell is going off in our apartment (Think the loud fire bell they have in the hallways at school). Almost forget to grab my jacket and keys as we race out the door with the baby. And I completely forgot my glasses and am pretty much legally blind without them. We get outside, and walk around to the front of the building with the baby zipped into C's jacket. In front there are most of the tenants gathered in the foyer, including the caretaker's wife sans the actual caretaker who is apparently not home tonight. The caretakers are both new to the building and so she has no idea what to do. The alarm in our building is only local, but we can't find any smoke or fire so no one has called 911. Instead we're all huddling into the foyer wondering what to do. Finally C says "Did you check the alarm system panel in the second room laundry floor?" I have no idea how he knew it was there since we live on the first floor. Anyway the caretaker lady had no clue it was there at all, so he went up there with her and figured out how to work it and turned the alarm off. He's handy with that kind of thing. We head back in, I feed the baby and can't fall asleep for the rest of the night.

What else? We got our $4000 tax return and paid a bunch of credit card debt off, and bought ourselves a new tv and entertainment system. That was pretty cool. We also got a wii. I used to have one when I lived with my ex, but he of course took it, and I was so happy to just get out of the relationship that I didn't care that I had left it behind.

We're starting to worry about Skyler's visual development. He is almost 2 months adjusted and still has quite a bit of trouble focusing. That is when he tries, which is rare. It's common for preemies to take longer to focus, but still. I am glad the NP has set us up with the pediatric opthamologist specialist in the city. Unfortunately he's the only one in the city and the wait is 6 months. If he needs glasses or whatever it won't be a big deal, C and I both have astigmatism and I can't see past a foot and a half without my glasses. I am just worried that if he doesn't get it corrected soon he will have other development issues.

The other night baby and I woke up at 4am, and I turned on Treehouse TV, In The Night Garden was on, which is a creepy weird bedtime show for babies made by the people who made Teletubbies. He was laying next to me on the couch and started fussing a little, not quite crying but he was annoyed or something. So I sat him up and what do you know? He started watching the tv. Complete with cooing, giggling and raising his arms with excitement when Igglepiggle and Upsy Daisy started dancing or making sounds. I looked at my kid in complete awe and said "So you won't focus on my face, but you'll watch In The Night Garden.. Alright then." As long as he is focusing on something I guess.

The next day he started focusing on our faces more, and on my lunch break C was playing with him and talking all high-pitched, and Sky looked right into his eyes and started smiling! He's been smiling a lot since that first one, I'm starting to discover his likes and dislikes. I think the smiling thing makes everything so much more fun. For instance I now know he loves his stuffed bird with the bell in it, and he loves when I tickle his nose with my nose. He smiles at me when he is happy and we lay together on the couch staring at each other. His eyes still wander, but he seems to be focusing more.

I have so much more to say, but I have been working on this post for days now and so I think it's time to wrap it up and just start a new one when I get a free minute. Maybe next time I'll talk about our decision to homeschool..


Amy said...

I love that he's smiling and focusing on you some more - how adorable!

Never Clever said...

Were you able to secure and appt. with the Pediatric Opthamologist? That's great new that you have seen some progress in Sky's focusing. I have always thought that the Teletubies were just freaky. When I was a nanny, the 2 yo that I watched liked it. That sucks about the fire alarm. Glad it turned out to be nothing!

CLC said...

I am glad he is now focusing on you more and smiling too! How fun!

She said...

False fire alarms in the middle of the night are no fun!!

Hang in there with the no sleep thing. It's so hard at the beginning, but it doesn't last forever!