Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monkey Butt!!

Skyler's latest obsession is his stuffed monkey. He now refuses to sleep without me unless he is cuddling his monkey. It's the cutest thing. I snapped a pic for your viewing pleasure. It was funny too because he dropped it later, and I turned it upright for him and when I looked back he was holding both of it's ears, they were nose to nose and he was babbling on about who knows what. Telling that monkey something or other. ADORABLE!!
Now, since you've waited so patiently, I'd like to present my monkey, and his monkey:

btw: I swear I took off the tag after I took that picture :P


Stacie said...

Okay, that's just WAY too cute. That's adorable that he hearts his stuffed monkey so much!

Ya know, Laney has always tipped her toys/stuffed animals upside down. For her, I think she liked the tags that are always sewn into the butts of stuffed animals.

Sky is growing so much. What a sweetheart!!!

Becky said...

OMG! That is soo cute! I absolutely love it! I wish Lily had a 'lovey' like that. I keep trying, lol. She got a really cute bunny for Easter and maybe that will be it.

Gosh, he's getting so big. I just can't believe it.

Buttercup said...

Incredibly cute pictures