Friday, April 10, 2009

Worst Mommy Ever

So last night he was crying like all night long, but I was exhausted so I just brought him to bed with me, and it seemed like nothing I did would make him calm down, I knew he was super tired and needed to sleep. I tried feeding him numerous times but it hurt so bad, and he didn't seem to be taking much at all. So finally I woke up enough when the sun started to rise and I sat up and went to feed him because he hadn't been eating all night long. I thought maybe I had thrush again. So I lift up my shirt and look down at my breast to find 3 very large, dark black & blue hickeys. Well that explains that. I was so tired I hadn't been making sure he was getting the nipple in his mouth, and so I was basically starving him for like 5 hours.. /sigh.. poor kid. No wonder he cried all night long. He must have thought his boob was broken.

Oh and after I finally fed him properly I put him back down next to me and he laid there smiling and talking and laughing away like all was finally right with his world.


She said...

Awwww... I remember those nights of "so tired you can't see straight." The best part is that you'll remember this, but he won't. :) And you DO get to sleep again eventually. I promise.

Stacie said...

Look on the bright side. At least you were able to figure out why he cried so much during the night, right?

Problem solved. Those are good mommy skills.

Don't beat yourself up, we ALL make mistakes. Lack of sleep will do that to you.

Ya Chun said...

sorry, but that kinda made me laugh.

And that certainly doesn't make you a bad mom... :)

Karen said...

Oh, you poor things! I bet you're far worse off for the mistake than he is, though. He got over his problem after a nice breakfast and you'll be sore for days. I think all new moms make mistakes like that. It's so exhausting. I know I made tons of simple mistakes.