Monday, April 20, 2009

What's New This Week

Where have I been? Oh goodness me, I've been caught up in my writing. We have our best friend staying with us after a giant mess with her room mate/sister (you know how those things go.. siblings living together can turn quickly into a disaster unfortunately). We're looking into finding a townhouse so we can all move out together since a one bedroom apartment isn't exactly ideal for 3 adults and a baby. I'm feeling kind of weird about moving, I'm comfortable here. But on the other hand I know Skyler will need his own room soon enough and it would be nice to have more space, I'm excited about the prospect of having a nursery where I can put all his toys and diapers and other baby related stuff. And it is a bonus that our friend is the one person I trust (besides my mom) to watch Skyler. Ah well we shall see how this all plays out.

In other news I've been getting quite a bit of time off work which I have been spending playing with my son and writing stories with my friend. Two brains are better than one. However, the reason I've had so much time off work is not such a happy one. My boss is an office manager in a medical office that has 2 naturopathic doctors and a clinical psychologist. Last monday she went into work and ended up having to give a 40 year old man (from the office next door) CPR, while the man's mother was watching. Unfortunately he passed away before the ambulances arrived and I'm assuming he basically died in her arms.

She's understandably completely traumatized and has been unable to go back to her building without having major panic attacks (which as I can attest to are horrible things to have). So her boss (the clinical psychologist) has been working with her to get through the traumatic experience and the stress she's now dealing with. She's had me go in for a few hours here and there to watch N while she naps or does a session with her psychologist over the phone, but she's still unsure when she'll be going back in. Which is fine with me. I want her to take as long as she needs to recover and figure out how to process all the things that must be going through her brain right now. She told me last week that the nightmares have been unbearable. I know it's nothing like miscarrying so I have no way to compare I just know it must be awful for her to deal with. All I could do was give her a big hug and tell her to try and take it easy.

As for me, today Mr. Chatterbox woke me up at 4am because when you're a baby apparently 4am is the best time to strike up a rousing conversation. I fed him, changed him and tried to encourage him to go back to sleep, no such luck so I got up and took him out to the living room where he napped in his swing while I watched the lamest videos ever made in the 80s for my ECE course. I worked on my school work until he woke up then we spent another good half an hour laying on a blanket facing each other having a conversation, before I did his exercises and tummy time. My boy LOVES to talk. He is definitely his daddy's son. Oh and the smiles. You would not believe how much this child smiles. He coos, he laughs, he smiles, he waves his arms around and yells excitedly, he gets so animated when he is talking that you can't not look at him and giggle and respond.

Went over to my parents house last night. The place is crazy, my dad is packing up to move out, my mom is cleaning out the basement getting ready for renovations. My brother is the same as ever and wants basically nothing to do with me. I miss the days when him and I were close. I wish there was something I could do to make him want to talk to me again. Ah well what can you do right?

And that's what's new with me right now. (Oh and I'm staying far away from the kitchen!)


Stacie said...

More living space is always nice, especially when you have a little one.

I'm sorry to hear that your boss had to go through that. Must be traumatic.

That is too cute that Sky is a chatter box. Their chatter only gets better the older they are. (I might change my mind once Laney really talks.)

She said...

Oh, that sounds like such a terrible thing that your boss went through. I'm sure she had no control over the situation, but it must be hard for her not to blame herself anyway.

Babies are so fun when they start chatting. :)