Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So Smart!

This morning I woke up to my baby lifting up my shirt with his left hand, signing "eat" with his right hand and opening and closing his mouth like a baby bird. I did a double take. He's only five months old (5 mos 10 days if you want to be exact) uncorrected. I didn't expect him to be signing this soon, even though we've been working on it. Whether it was accidental or not I praised him said the word eat a few times and fed him right away to help him make the connection.

There's a storm brewing I can feel it in my metal elbow. Yesterday was gorgeous and sunny, I kept saying to my friends that a storm is coming because my elbow is so stiff. They laughed. Today it's gray and cloudy and windy. Teach them to laugh at Clancy.

I went to Babies R Us the other day with my girlfriend (I have to figure out an internet name for her cause her name starts with C and we already have one of those) and I picked out a new toy for Skyler. It's a baby keyboard with 5 keys that play the correct notes and light up on the screen as you hit them. It also plays the notes in xylophone and flute tones. And that's not all, it also has a composer mode where you hit a key and it plays part of a classical song and you have to keep hitting keys to make it play the whole thing. Skyler loves it. He's lying on the floor right now playing it with his feet. It's freaky but I've noticed since starting my ECE course that whenever he is playing I am assessing how and what he is learning. Like right now he is learning cause and effect. He kicks and it plays music. Then the music stops and he has to kick again to make it play some more. He seems to be enjoying it too. It's a Baby Einstein toy if you're interested, and so far I'm finding it great for my (visually impaired) baby. It has raised numbers on the keys (and there's a number mode in 3 diff languages so if he hits 2 it will say two, or dos, or deux depending on what language it's set to.) I should really take a picture of it since I'm sure I'm doing a horrible job explaining it.

What else is new? Anything? Let me see. I took Skyler and N to the park yesterday with C. It was fun, the two of us pushing our strollers together. N is so big now and enjoys the park so much more. Oh and get this she asked me a question and I had brought some healthy snacks, so I was eating a granola bar. I went to answer her question and she said something I didn't quite understand so I asked her to repeat herself and realized she was saying "Chew your food first Britt-Britt" Embarassed by a two year old about my bad manners. How sad. So of course my response was to finish eating and say "You're right baby girl, I should finish eating before I talk." Gah! She's so grown up she's reminding me to be polite.

Oh, I also went to my parents house yesterday and picked up my own keyboard (I have a full keyboard and I used to play quite a bit while I was growing up, but it had since been collecting dust in my brother's room) since Skyler's had inspired me. I figure at least this way he can move on to my keyboard as soon as he is ready, also the keys light up, so if he can see light then it will be helpful for him as well. I've also started playing again. I want him exposed to as much music as possible, but only so much as it's fun. I will definitely not be one of those parents who forces their kids to take lessons when they have no interest in the subject. If he wants to pound the keys and just make noise and have fun well that's awesome!

Today we have OT, and I'm hoping to "let go" of this one, and tell her she's being replaced by our CNIB OT. I already spoke to the CNIB OT, who is comfortable with this. Because I don't need 2 different OTs at least the CNIB one comes to our apartment to work with Skyler, and is specialized to work with visually impaired babies. I have enough appointments in a week to worry about without having one that's basically redundant.

Anyway I have to charge my camera battery and get a picture of Skyler playing his keyboard. Until then I'll leave you with the link to it.


Stacie said...

Wow, that is so cool that he was able to communicate through sign. He's a smarty!!!

I loved how you described him using his new toy. Can't wait to see pics of it.

That's hilarious what N said to you. Whenever I read things that N has said to you, it always gets me thinking about when Laney will be better able to speak. I always wonder what my responses might be.

Verna said...

That is fantastic. Before you know it he will be signing lots of things to you.

She said...

It's so great that he's able to communicate with sign already. Signing can be a lifesaver before they learn to talk!

smolder said...

lol i was not laughing at clancy...i was laughing at you, ur so cute hehe.

Karen said...

Wow! That is smart! I never taught my kids to sign. When my oldest were babies it was brand new and nobody knew anything about it. And when my younger ones were born I already had two older kids so life was too hectic for me to pick up a new skill. But I wish I'd learned it and had a chance to see what they had to say. Kudos for you for going ahead with it despite all the doctor appointments. I'm impressed with both of you.

Azaera said...

He signed again today!! Right after I pulled away from feeding him, he was like hey more food mom. So I asked him again and yeah he apparently wasn't done yet so I fed him more. But I love baby signs, we did it with N and she started signing at 9 months, it just simplifies things so much. And man does she ever talk now. I bet Laney will be just as amusing when she starts speaking.

Stacie said...

You have inspired me to teach some sign language to Laney.

The problem--I haven't a single clue as to how to get started. Do you have any recommended resources I could go to online?