Thursday, April 30, 2009

One Down, Many To Go

His appointment with OT went really well. She evaluated him and said he is ahead of where he should be for his adjusted age, and doing excellent. She said the only thing to work is to try and get him to look right more often because he's still looking left. She was also very impressed with how we talk to him constantly. She commented that we are very descriptive and never stop talking to him and telling him what's happening. She said that most parents don't talk to their babies like that and that most people feel weird or silly talking to them. I laughed, really my baby is just a small person. Why shouldn't I talk to him like he is a person? If I were in a strange place and unable to see very well or communicate my needs I would want someone reassuring there, talking to me in soothing tones. Not someone talking around me or above me or about me like I can't hear them.

She said he has amazing head control and a very straight back, she was extremely impressed with him, and was comfortable to send us off to our CNIB OT instead. So one less appointment a month yay!

After his appointment I went up to the NICU where he spent his first two months of life to bring them some pictures of him and show them how he's grown. What a flashback that was. As soon as I got onto the maternity ward the smell hit me and brought back all the memories. The nurses were excited to see him. He cried, probably wasn't too happy to be back there, I kept telling him we weren't trying to return him heh heh. We saw one of my favourite nurses who came and looked at him and commented on how big and cute he's gotten.

My poor boy has been so fussy lately. He's managed to catch the cold I had, and is pretty miserable about it. I mean he's not too bad because he's such a normally laid back happy baby so him whining a bit more than usual is totally out of the ordinary. I look at it this way sometimes I whine when I'm sick because it bothers me so much, and he can't even complain using words to tell us what's wrong so I expect him to whine and cry to express how he feels. I find that I think about his crying that way and I don't get frustrated with him. How can I? He's just trying to tell me something. I don't know if it's just me or if other parents see it the same way..


Stacie said...

I have to say that I totally agree with you about listening to our babies cues. Laney has never been one to cry unless she's tired or hungry. I always know right away when she's not feeling well because, she too, becomes whiney (like you mentioned Sky being).

Ever since she was a newborn, I responded to her cries immediately and practiced attachment parenting.

I am glad to hear Sky is developing so well!

Karen said...

Poor guy! It sucks to be sick, and must be even worse for him since he doesn't understand why he feels bad and that it'll pass. I'd fuss, too! Fortunately, if he caught it from you that mean he'll be getting some of your antibodies when he nurses and he'll get over it a bit quicker than you did.

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if you knew if they made blocks with braille on them. I don't know what made that pop into my head the other day, but something reminded me of Skyler and I started wondering if they made those. I hope so.