Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Day In The Life

Saying goodbye was tough, but I was pretty good, I didn't cry at all with N. I did cry however with her mama, as we sat on the steps outside waiting for Chuckie and Skyler to come get me. To my credit her mama was crying too. They gave me a bouquet of lilies (one of my favourite flowers) and a gift certificate for an hour long massage. They told me they're going to miss me so much and everytime they come back to Winnipeg they'll call so we can visit. I gave N the hat I made her, which she put on right away (she loves the hats I make her, in fact when I walked in on friday morning she was wearing the one I had made her over a year ago that was way too small).

It was tough, but I'm sure all will be well. Chuck has decided he will probably go back to work because they need him back, and I will likely work at a daycare part time or something like that. Chuck is the night manager at his work, so I'd be working during the day and he'd be working at night, and we wouldn't have to put Skyler in a daycare which will be nice. Since it would be ironic if I was working in a daycare and had to put my son in one so that I could go to work..

I went down to wal-mart today and for the first time in about 9 months I bought myself new pants! Yay! I figured I'm going to need at least some clothes that fit me if I'm going to get a new job. I also got Skyler some more cereal since he's finished the last two boxes. He's going through it like crazy, and he's got a double chin now, so maybe he's finally putting on some weight. Of course I'm still breastfeeding too. Oh and we bought him his first dolly. It's a pink and red fairy doll with crinkly wings and rattles in the feet and a tummy that squeaks. It's bright and colourful and makes lots of sounds, it's also soft and cuddly. And yes I know he's a boy, but I don't see anything wrong with giving him a doll. If I had a girl I would certainly be buying her trucks and plastic tools along with dolls and all the other stuff.
And now, for something completely different, a day in the life of a baby!

"I have to get these reports finished, tomorrow is the deadline."

"Please, step inside my Pampers box, er my office. We have much to discuss"

"Ah finally the end of the day, time for a drink!"

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Stacie said...

I'm so sorry you had to say goodbye to N. Kudos for holding it together in front of her.

Those are some of most adorable pictures of Sky I've seen. I LOVE the one of him with the laptop.