Monday, July 6, 2009

Someone Who Gets It

So C decided he didn't want to go to the appointment without me and rescheduled. So I have no idea what Skyler weighs, but I'm thinking maybe I'll take him to the youville center today or wednesday and take a look for myself. Oh and Karen I should have mentioned that's exactly what I've been doing with him since she said he wasn't gaining well. But it's a battle to get him to stay on the same side, I swear he pulls away as soon as the hindmilk starts and he gets fussy. But we've been working on it, and I think *fingers crossed* that he's been getting most of it.

On the weekend we ended up hanging out with my mom, and I'll be honest it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. She actually may have listened to me last time when I told her I didn't want to hear about the break-up. We went to a bonfire celebrating Canada Day (except it was on July 4th, go figure) and it was good. Lots of food and friendly people. C and I met our first rl special needs mom. We saw another baby stroller and started chatting with the mom and she mentioned that her baby has down syndrome. So we told her Skyler's story and she told us her baby's. It felt pretty good to talk to someone who actually gets what it's like, the challenges of having a baby who's "different".

I'm really excited for the CNIB picnic in August. It's for the families with blind children. I'm hoping to meet other parents who have things in common with us. I'm sure we will find someone to talk to there.

It's just amazing how much Skyler grows each day. Last night in the bath he wouldn't stop splashing me and himself and he was unfazed by the water getting in his face. He just smacked his lips like he was trying to taste it. This morning he's in his exersaucer, jumping and bouncing around. It seems like it wasn't that long ago that he wasn't able to reach the bottom in that thing. Now he's playing with all the toys and spinning himself around like a little pro.

On Saturday I went and got Age of Empires 3. AoE was one of those games I grew up on, I've played every version. I've gotta say I'm liking this new one. It's fun because C and I can play together. We build our little civilizations, gather resources, amass giant armies and then attack!

I'm thinking I might like to take Skyler for a walk, before it starts raining as it seems to rain every day now.


Buttercup said...

No new pictures of Sky? I look forward to his new photos. Love the ones with the big smiles.

She said...

I think maybe our rain moved up your way... It's finally been sunny here!

It's so exciting that you've found some parents to connect with. I hope that meeting other parents of special needs kiddos at the CNIB picnic will make you feel like you have some more allies and aren't quite so alone.