Friday, July 3, 2009

Skyler Smiles

Thank you for your answers to that last post, they were most helpful to me. Last night I got my student ID for Hadley and I completed and submitted my first assignment. And Skyler is really distracting me right now. As I type this he's in his exersaucer (which he loves) and he's just staring at the bookcase like there's something there.. but not the actual books because he's facing the wrong side, so he's basically staring at the side of the bookcase very intent and with such focus that it's freaking me out. Creepy.

Anyway moving on, I really need to clean my apartment because it's such a disaster and it's starting to stress me out, but there's so much to do before I can do that. Oh well..

Last night I was exhausted so I got home from work, shovelled down some microwaved food and then went and passed out. I slept from 7pm until 11pm, it was nice but crazy. When I woke up I was pretty awake so I went on my computer, chatted on msn and did my assignment for school. Went back to bed around 2am, and of course Skyler wakes up shortly after, and every hour and a half after that. Until 5:55am when he woke up and decided that he's up for the morning (until his nap hopefully, which he will have to take with daddy before his appt with the NP)

He's supposed to go today to the NP to check his weight again and see if he's gained anything since last time.. I was supposed to be there too, but since they've changed my work schedule on me at the drop of a hat yet again I ended up having to work today so I will have to miss his appointment. I told C to call me and put it on speaker phone so I can hear what she has to say. I'm not looking forward to it honestly. If he hasn't gained much I'm guessing she's going to suggest formula supplementation. Which honestly I don't want to do. Formula is just too expensive and how is something that comes in a can, manufactured by some company (possibly with melamine or some other unknown dangerous ingredients in it) supposed to help my baby be healthy? It works for some people, some people just can't breastfeed for whatever reason and formula is the best option, but I worked so hard to get him to breast so this will feel like a major setback to me. Sigh.

In other, happier news, my baby gets cuter every day I swear!


Karen said...

Before you go the formula route, try to see if you can help him gain weight with your own milk. See if you can get him to stay at one breast longer so that he gets more of the hind milk. Then at his next feeding, see if he'll stay at the other breast longer. If he won't do it on his own, try pumping a little just before he nurses so that what he's drinking is the hindmilk. It will increase your production and also he'll get the richer, more high calorie milk.

If it doesn't work, that's OK. Supplementing is not failing as a parent. You're succeeding because you're making sure he's got what he needs. That's the most important thing.

She said...

I would be so surprised if he hasn't gained weight. What a cute little chub he's turning into!

Good luck with the doctor's appointment. Honestly, as long as he's growing, which you can tell by his clothes, rather than his weight, I think he's probably fine. I got to the point with D where I just kind of blew off the doc's concerns about him not gaining "enough" weight. I knew he was healthy, and that was good enough.

Stacie said...

How did Skyler's appointment with the NP go?

He's got such a cute smile!

CLC said...

What a great smile! I just read your last post. I don't have any answers. I usually think I will respond one way, and then I find that I "chicken out" and say nothing. It's mostly a battle with myself. I hope you come up with a plan that works for you.