Saturday, December 5, 2009

Being His Mommy

Some days I just really love being a mom. I mean I do everyday when I look at his gorgeous little face, but there are always those moments of "this is hard" and other whining. But when I really look at the big picture, I love being his mommy. I honestly think I was pretty well prepared when I decided to get pregnant, I had read all the books, I had taken care of babies on a full-time basis before, obviously I knew that it would be different when the baby was my own. But I had a good head on my shoulders, was really aware that it wouldn't be a walk in the park, with the waking up late at night, and everything else that comes with a baby. I knew it was a huge responsibility. I was prepared for all that. I think the thing that caught me off guard at first was his special needs. The day after he was born when the socially awkward endocrinologist came into my hospital room and said that my son would likely need to be on medication his entire life. I had barely even seen my brand new baby, and here was this stranger telling me something was wrong with him.

Even that though, I believe I have sort of grabbed the bull by the horns so to speak. I have taken everything that's been thrown at me as a mom, I've taken it all and found out what to do about it, I've been as proactive as I possibly can be. I know there are more challenges yet to come, but I feel content when I take a step back and see how well we have things under control. We may not be rich but my son will never go without a roof over his head, a full belly, and nice warm clothes to wear, oh and toys, so so many toys (although not really a necessity) and the medications he needs to live. He will never go without medical care, or proper attention. We recognize the signs of the things that would require a trip to the doctor's office or the ER.

He is 90% of the time an extremely happy baby. He is loved, snuggled, hugged, sung to, played with, read to, and cared for every single day. He knows he has people who love him and care for him and who will keep him safe from harm. He loves playing with us, he loves interacting with us. My baby has the most beautiful sunshine smile, and he keeps me happy when I'm feeling blue. When people ask me if I'd ever have another child knowing that there's a chance they may have special needs like my son I just laugh at them. I would have five more if they were guaranteed to be like my Skyler.Skyler I am so happy to be your mommy and so lucky that you are my baby.


Poppy said...

Beautiful post!

smolder said...

Skyler is so lucky to have a mommy like you. the way you are always interact with him and let him experiance life always is so amazing. i would be happy if i would be half the amazing mommy that you are when i have kids :).