Thursday, December 31, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!

The last few days have been great, the apartment is so clean, tidy and organized. Chuck decided to get one of those robot vacuums. I laughed, but it actually keeps the floor nice and clean for Skyler. It's so much easier to let it go once a day to pick up all the crumbs and other bits that he might otherwise be putting in his mouth. Not that we're extremely messy people, but Skyler does like to fling food off of his highchair, and sweeping doesn't always get everything.

Aside from it looking so nice in here and us being able to keep up with everything, I'm spending so much more time with Skyler. I've been able to feed him everyday, work on baby signs (he actually signed "all done" for the first time in the tub the other day!) and read him stories, sing him songs, dance with him. We've been doing so much, he's been learning so much! How to clap, how to sign for things, how to stand by himself (still very shaky, but getting better with tons of enthusiastic encouragement), how to use a spoon to feed himself. I honestly never want to go back to work. Sigh.

Yesterday I gave the monster his first haircut! No more baby mullet! Haha, he looks much cuter as you can see in the picture. His hair was driving me nuts, but daddy didn't want to part with it. Next to get a haircut is mommy I hope. Yesterday we went shopping and I finally got something for myself. I needed new shoes so badly, the ones I have are completely worn out in the heel, so I used my gift card from Christmas to buy some cute black and purple ones. I also installed 7, which so far is alright. It looks pretty neat, and I like some of the new apps like the snipping tool and the sticky notes.

I'm excited for church on Sunday, we went last Sunday too of course. The sermon was all about yoga and spirituality, we had a yoga instructor come in and he even had us doing a bunch of different positions and meditations, I really enjoyed it. This Sunday is a sermon about poetry, entitled "How should we live our lives?" because it really is an open ended question. I think everyone has a slightly different take on it honestly.

The other day I sat Skyler down on the kitchen floor with a piece of paper and I dabbed on some finger paint, he used to just sit there and I would put his fingers in it, but this time he saw me put down the paint and he leaned in immediately and started spreading it all over the paper. It was so much fun to watch him enjoying finger painting so much, and doing it all by himself.

Today the most exciting thing happened, after feeding him breakfast (a whole banana and some vanilla yogurt) I sat down with him in his living room and I moved back so that I was pretty far away (in terms of how close we usually are) and as a test I made eye contact with him and moved my hand silently from side to side and up and down. He tracked my every movement! We've been noticing that it seems like he is seeing further, but I am a hundred percent sure of it now.

I actually marked my place with a diaper and went and grabbed my measuring tape. He can see and track objects that are 42-45 inches away from him! This is honestly amazing to me. He blows my mind everyday. For the longest time he could only see us if we were about 24 inches away. Yesterday Chuck went to give him a bottle and as he walked into the room Skyler was looking at the bottle and showing signs that he saw it. He was at least 4 feet away.

I know I'll have to go back to work soon, but right now, life is just perfect..


Stacie said...

I am so happy for you that you've been able to spend so much time with Skyler during your break.

It sounds like he's making leaps and bounds. That is fantastic about how far he can track/see things now!!!

Happy New Year!

Ashley's Mom said...

It sounds like your holidays have been just what the title of your post says - 'perfection'! It's wonderful you got to spend all the time with your gorgeous son. I've been off from work also, and really, really hate to go back.

I hope you and your family have a wonderful, wonderful new year!

LuckyOnce said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation. I'm so glad that Skyler is doing so well!

Corrie Howe said...

I love the expressions you capture. I'm excited that he's seeing further.