Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Neat & Tidy

It's a good thing we rearranged his stuff when we did because he woke up early the next morning and decided he was completely ready to crawl and pull up on furniture and walk around it. Yesterday for the first time, I plopped him in the middle of the room not near any toys, he crawled over to the living room table and pulled himself up, (laughing triumphantly of course) and walked around it, trying to eat the table frame the entire time. I guess that's it, he's mobile now. We're screwed.

As for his zebra, he was standing at the end table next to the zebra last night, he let go momentarily and bumped his head on Mr. Zebra. He then got back up, pulled himself to stand at the table, reached over and gave Mr. Zebra a good shaking. He went at it for a solid 10 minutes. I pity anyone who crosses my child's path. Poor zebra, he must have head trauma after all that shaking. I think Sky got him back pretty good. And we got a video of it. We were both cracking up, it was pretty funny.

After tackling his area yesterday I went tornado on the apartment with Chuck's help. We purged a lot of crap, reorganized so much stuff, and now our living room is as nice as his. Our bookshelf is just as pretty as his, and our storage closet is no longer throwing things at us as soon as we open the door. Everything is put away neat and orderly. Some things went to the consignment shop, others to charity. I'm quite happy with the way my apartment looks now I must say. The bedroom however.. Let's just not go there. I suppose that should be the next project.

Today we're going to try and get Skyler weighed and measured. I'm hoping, hoping, hoping (fingers crossed) that he's grown at least a teeny tiny little bit. I've got my fingers crossed that now that he's not on such a high dose of steroids, that he'll begin to grow like he should.


Ashley's Mom said...

wish I could get into your mode of organizing/cleaning/purging. Instead, why don't you just come on over to my house and do it for me. I pay in Christmas cookies.

Azaera said...

Mmm cookies! If you lived close by I totally would. Haha.

Stacie said...

Oooooh, I loooove love love cleaning and organizing. It's so rewarding!

Yeah, once they're mobile...that's pretty much it for a while. I've noticed that it does get a little better the more they learn they can do.