Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Midnight Decluttering

So it is 1:40am and we just returned from W.alm.ar.t which is conveniently open 24 hours for the Christmas insanity. In case you are wondering we were most definitely not Christmas shopping at all. As I was sitting in my living room I realized I was tired of looking at a giant mountain of toys. I remembered my former plans to create a toddler living room for Skyler and decided perhaps since he's now becoming mobile I should start putting that plan into action.

As you may remember from previous pictures my living room looked something like this:

(ignore adorable baby playing with plastic bottle if you will)

$32 later it now looks like this:

The zebra and the blue car will soon be leaving us (put into storage for the time being until Skyler is ready to use them), the red one and the musical table will be moved and I will be placing a toddler couch along the wall that the zebra is currently against. The musical table will likely be in front of that as sort of a baby coffee table, except without any coffee.

Anyway now his part of the living room is making the adult part of the living room look bad. However, I am still in love with it, I'm thinking of moving to his side of the room since it looks so much neater. Honestly I love the shelf unit idea. The top box has his stuffed animals and the bottom is all his plastic and heavier toys. And I can finally have his books accessible to him. Before they were up on our bookshelf which is much too high for him to reach. I used to have to take them down one at a time just to read him a story.

There you have it. My midnight decluttering project. Oh I also managed to crochet an entire scarf which is as long as I am tall. All this is in one day. Sadly this is probably the most productive I've been in a while.


smolder said...

Wow. Nice job. It looks so orginized hehe.Now if i had that type of energy at midnight to finally unpack my apartment, it would look just as pretty as sky's play area hehe.

Stacie said...

Wow, what a big difference. You did an amazing job!

Ashley's Mom said...

It looks so good. Now, can you come do my house??

Becky said...

Wow! Looks great! I have to do the same myself. Lily finally loves the zebra but it took a while and that table was one of her favs until we passed it down to a little cousin. The zebra is a big hit now and it won't be long before he is sky's buddy too!

niobe said...

What a brilliant idea to set up a toddler living room. And it looks absolutely amazing.