Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thank You

Thank you. I can't say it enough guys, you remind me of who I am and why I write this blog. Sometimes I just need to be reminded that I am doing okay. And now for some funny things!

I had Skyler on my break at work the other day and I was carrying him around for a bit. Here are some snippets of kinder conversation from my kids.

-"uh Brittany, what is that on you?" (said by our adorable autistic little guy)
-"well, it's a baby."

-"he has googly eyes!!"

-"you're rocking him too fast. he says he likes it slow like this" (as he takes the carseat handle and pushes me aside so he can rock Skyler. haha)

From the other day, when Skyler wasn't with me:

-(one of my little guys was going into the washroom) I'm going to lock the door, so no robber comes and takes me.

-"Today we're learning about Christmas celebrations in Mexico."
-"I had a dog and his name was Oliver , but he died."
-"Um okay.. I'm sorry for your loss.. We're talking about Christmas in Mexico though.."

-It's too loud! If you guys keep being so loud my whole body's just gonna turn into a puzzle. (said with complete seriousness, as I was sitting there completely confused.)

-"You can't be a mom! You're a teacher!"

And countless other things I have forgotten. Kids are hilarious.

And thank you again, all of you for your thoughtful comments. I appreciate them so much.


Stacie said...

Kids are hilarious. I bet you spend a good portion of your work days giggling at the things they say.

P.S. Send me your email address via messenger. I don't have it.

John C said...

When I dropped Amanda off at school this morning, the principle opened her car door and helped her out. Amanda yelled out, "GREAT SERVICE!"

Kids are great.