Sunday, March 21, 2010


Last night I went to my first concert ever. I saw Bi.lly T.alent and Al.exis.onfire. It was amazing. Skyler had a good time at home with daddy, and I went with my friend who got us the tickets for my birthday back in January. Oh and yesterday I finally got my new glasses! Yay I can see again! Of course I am still getting used to them so my depth perception is off and I feel a little wonky wearing them. I'm sure I'll get used to them soon.

Skyler is doing well, he's a very busy little guy who can eat his weight in food. He will eat just about anything you give him. Of course he is still about half the size (or less) of the average size toddler his age. The other day we were grocery shopping and a woman stopped to look at Skyler. She exclaimed "Oh a newborn!" Then corrected herself "Well he must be 6 months." I looked and her and said "Actually he's 16 months tomorrow." She of course remarked about how tiny he was, and then she noticed Chuck and said "Wow you must be his dad, it's like cloning!" before going on her way. I honestly don't mind that he is small if only because it distracts people from the fact that he's not at the same stage developmentally as the other babies/toddlers. He still crawls instead of walking, and he doesn't say many words. He can sign like crazy though, which is a good thing.

I think he will grow and develop on his own time and with help, but I don't feel like being lectured by random people because my 16 month old can't walk yet and is behind on verbal communication skills. He's on a waiting list for a speech therapist, but it will likely take about 2 years before they get to us. It's been almost a year already so one more to go. Who knows maybe by then he will speaking on his own and at the right level for his age. Either way it doesn't really matter, I'm going to love him just the same whether he uses signs or words, we're lucky he can at least communicate using signs. It means he's grasping the ideas and concepts he just hasn't figured out how to form the words yet. It will come with time I'm sure.

Today is the first day of spring which to us is an important day, we're going to spend some time together as a family before Chuck goes to work and we're going to plant some seeds, just as we do every year. I also got a mini rose plant, it's very cute. This year we're not using pots, instead I took some old coffee cans and painted them with some shiny metallic paint and we're going to poke some holes in the bottom and use those. We're trying out some small vegetables this year like baby lettuce and some peas. If they don't grow well inside we'll transfer them to my mom's garden once the frost has passed.

Anyway I hope you all are well, and I leave you with a picture of Skyler getting a kiss from mommy.


Karen said...

Your glasses are cute! Not as cute as Skyler, of course, but still very nice. Did you get a good deal?

Stacie said...
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Stacie said...

That's cool that you went to your first concert ever.

Every time you mention that someone approaches you about Skyler, I am amazed that people even have the audacity. I mean, it's one thing to wonder something when you see a person, but to actually be so bold. Unfortunately, people just assume things when they see it. It's like asking someone if they're pregnant, and they're actually not. I don't know, I just find it to be somewhat rude.

Okay, sorry for the rant.

Skyler is one amazing little boy!

Becky said...

That picture made me smile so big! I absolutely love it. He is so cute! I have no idea what to say to people when they ask about Lily. Dh asked me to not tell people that she is 'developmentally delayed' because he thinks they automatically think she's slow. He's probably right. So now I just don't answer or make a good effort to say what she is doing and how big of an accomplishment that is for her or something stupidly positive like that. Most times, like yesterday when someone commented that she was abnormally shy (Hello! She doesn't know you and it's very age appropriate!), I just walk away. Actually the person yesterday said it and didn't realize the window was open and I could hear what they said. Nice. I love people.

John C said...

We've been hearing comments like that for 12 years. Something I've learned, is people will say ANYTHING, and don't even know, care or consider how it might effect the parent.

Nine times out of ten I just blow it off, but occasionally I've put my foot down to stomp out the ignorance of at least a few people and while a better person might say that I was myself out of line, I'm ok with it.

My go to comeback in this very situation is, "I didn't request this condition for my child just like I didn't request your opinion."

Other times I'm more blunt but I won't put that in print.

You're a good mom and Skyler is blessed to have you.

PS: Cool glasses