Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday: A Happy Day

So I almost forgot to mention Skyler had another endocrine appointment March 2nd (yes it's been 3 months since the last one) and they found he has gained a kilo! And a couple inches of height. So no growth hormone tests yet! We were very excited, so of course the (third random) endocrinologist had to remind us that he will very likely need it eventually. She wasn't being mean, and yes I know full well we are just staving off the inevitable for a bit longer, but hey come on lady do you really have to rain on our parade? Oh well, a little rain never bothered me anyway, I am still so excited to see how much he has grown. He's actually grown out of most of his 6month clothes!! Can you believe it? He's even fitting into some 12 month stuff! So very exciting.

Today has been a good, but busy day. I worked this morning as usual, my kids were actually pretty good for the wild spirited little ones that they are. After work C and Skyler picked me up and we came home and the three of us took a nap. It was refreshing honestly though I am still finding myself tired now. After our nap we woke up and C and I went to get our eyes checked. It was odd going to see an eye doctor for someone besides Skyler. Of course the eye doctor noticed Skyler right away and asked if he had been to children's hospital. I told him right away that yes, of course, he's legally blind he has optic nerve hypoplasia, blah blah blah, I rattled it off because I knew he would know what I was saying unlike the lay-people who comment on Skyler's eyes. Anyway my prescription is being tweaked which is good because things have begun to get very blurry for me lately.

C apparently has almost 20/20 vision, he just has a problem with glare or something. So the doc wrote him up a script for a very minor correction. He wants to get coloured contacts. Which I don't understand much as he already has blue eyes. I suppose having brown eyes I find blue eyes to be the most captivating and therefore have no idea why he wants to change his eye colour. Of course he says it's because he wants purple eyes. Go figure.

After the eye doctor we went out to the neighbourhood where I work because one of my kinder's moms said she had a bunch of stuff for Skyler. They're a super nice family and they had a couple of big bags of clothes their little guy had outgrown so they passed them on to us. The cutest thing they gave us though is a gorgeous leather toddler chair with a matching ottoman. It was exactly the kind of thing I had been looking for originally when I wanted to make Skyler's little living room area. And as you can see, he loves it already.


Stacie said...

Aww, I'm glad you had a wonderful Friday. How gracious of your kinder's mom to give Skyler bags of clothes and that awesome chair. It's adorable! And so is Sky.

That's fantastic that he's continuing to grow!!!

LuckyOnce said...

Sounds like a great day. So glad that Skyler is growing, and good for you for looking on the bright side rather than thinking about the fact that he'll "inevitably" need the growth meds. He doesn't NOW and that's awesome!

Cute chair. :)

Poppy said...

I love the chair. My husband's grandmother bought the girls one...not as nice as Skylers. But they love it and even manage to squeeze into it together!

He's growing up !! Look at him climb!