Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Exhaustion Sets In

Wow yesterday was stressful. Beyond stressful in fact. I got a call from my mom around 2 saying that a family member was missing, I rushed over to her house, he was finally found with his friends at around 5 or 6, he ended up spending the night in the hospital. Anyway it was just a lovely day/night for me. Today of course continued to be exhausting, since I got no sleep last night. I'm not going to get into details since it's his life not mine, though it is entwined with mine as I do love him and care about him deeply. Let's just say it was a near-fatal thing and not at all good.

Aside from that mess things are going well. I've developed a solid idea of what direction I want to take in my career and in my life. I pretty much know where I am going with things, I just have to work toward my goals. I'm already taking the first steps. I want to go from childcare to education, so I'm going to start by volunteering in a school setting and get some experience, get my foot in the door that kind of thing. Wherever it goes from there I'm sure it will be the right path. I really want to work with children with special needs. I'm hoping I'll be able to get a placement with someone who needs me. The good thing about school hours is it's only 6.5 hours a day. I could do lunch program if I want too, and get into that so that I'm still making money over the lunch hour. But no matter what, I'll be done by 3:30 each day, if I get a full day that is. If not I might just work in the morning and at lunch program and have the entire afternoon with Sky.

Today I am just trying to recover from yesterday, and I keep reminding myself two more days and it's Spring Break! At this point, it's much needed. After all the stresses of having this new boss and not knowing what's going on, I will be happy to have some time at home to relax. I confronted her yesterday and asked if my hours were getting cut. She said they were not, so I am going to take her word, and I feel like I can calm down a bit now, knowing where I stand finally. I can pursue my goal of becoming an EA on the side while I continue to work at the daycare. I hope you all are having a much better week than I am!

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Stacie said...

I'm sorry to hear that things have been so stressful for you. You already have a full plate.

I'm glad your brother is okay.

Yay for not getting your hours cut. She better not go back on her word.

I want a Spring Break -- it's been a looooong time. Have a great one!