Wednesday, March 17, 2010

So Close!

Things at work are still up in the air. The new supervisor seems ... well I'm not sure yet. I think she is just trying to get a feel for the place. Also she told me that our centre is $7000 over budget for staff and that her boss is in the process of auditing the staff hours.. I'm trying not to stress about it.

On that note I want to tell you Skyler let go of the table for the first time yesterday!! I like to put a rice cookie or an animal cookie on the living room table for him to snack on between meals, and yesterday he was shoving the rice cookie in his mouth and decided he needed a better hold on it so he let go of the table and shoved that cookie in with BOTH hands! He did this twice! And didn't fall or lose his balance at all. We're getting so close, he'll be walking on his own soon. Very exciting.

Today is a day of cleaning. Bleh, not the most exciting thing, but it needs to get done. Better now than the weekend I suppose, that way I can relax once I have the time off. I'm supposed to have Spring Break after next week, but C's work might have me come in and work a 40 hour week because they can't find anyone else. Sigh. I'm hoping they do find someone. Oh well, if not then it's more money for us I suppose, which is not a bad thing. A break is nice too though. Well, whichever it is I will be happy. I hope you all are happy as well. Sorry I haven't been around much, it's been busy! I try to keep up with your blogs even if I don't comment.


Stacie said...

Well, they wasted no time finding a replacement at your work. That stinks about them cutting back on staff's hours.

That is so cool that Skyler is starting to let go of the table! It should be soon that he'll start taking steps. Yay!

Karen said...

Well I've got my fingers crossed that the new supervisor is using this time of adjustment to notice who's getting work done and who isn't.

And way to go Skyler! I love that time in a child's life. The world is so full of possibilities.

LuckyOnce said...

Must be so amazing to look back at your posts from the days in the NICU and see what Skyler is accomplishing now. So exciting!!

Ashley's Mom said...

Keep the video camera on the ready to catch those first steps!