Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

So today a little old lady made me cry. I don't mean that in the bad way like an old hag who yells at you until you break down.. I mean I took C to breakfast for father's day to celebrate his being a father to an unborn baby again. And now that I am showing I guess I am drawing more attention to myself. Anyway this sweet little old lady was sitting all alone at the table next to us, and she handed me a bottle of ketchup as we sat down, saying she didn't need it. I thought that was kind of odd but really sweet. We finished eating and the waitress handed me the wrong bill. I guess it was fate. I looked at it, and it was about half of what ours was supposed to be.. I was tempted to say yay I'll take it. But C looked at it and said it must be the little old lady's. Not being one to jip a little old lady I turned around and asked if it was hers.

Indeed it was, and she had ours so I gladly exchanged them because there was no way I would want her to have to pay our bill. Anyway she was grateful and began telling me her life story, as elderly people tend to do when they are alone. Long story short she was just the most darling thing, told me how her husband passed away four years ago, but lived long enough to see their grandson and hold him 3 times. And she said it was sad to be alone but that she had lots of good memories. She kept saying how sweet C and I were, and asked us our names. She asked when I was due, and she said she would pray for us and the baby. Now honestly I'm not christian, but I just wanted to hug her, and for some reason it made me feel all warm inside knowing she was thinking about us and the baby. She said she wanted to adopt us. haha. It was so cute.

C and I got to the car after we finished breakfast and I just started bawling. At the same time I was laughing at the absurdity of my crying. I felt so bad that she was so alone and she lost her husband, I told C he better not die before me. I felt so touched that she was a complete stranger, but seemed to care so much about us, and wished us well. I told C I wanted to be her friend. But I don't even know her name. I know how crazy I sounded. C just held me and laughed/cried with me. Damn those pregnancy hormones! And here's to cute little old ladies who just need someone to talk to. I hope you all have a relatively painless father's day.


Amy said...

Yay for sweet little ladies. I'm praying for you and the little one, too. :-) A lady at the farmers' market wished my husband a Happy Father's Day today. It made me want to throw things at her (completely inappropriate, I know).

niobe said...

What a sweet story.