Monday, June 30, 2008

Like The Ocean

We heard it today! The baby has a heartbeat!! A good strong heartbeat according to my wonderful nurse who I wouldn't trade for the world. We got back the blood test results everything is awesome, she did the full physical and it was quick and painless, and we heard the baby's heart beating! Yes I am getting way too invested in this now. It exists, I have proof (we videotaped it) and I've never been so excited. She warned me beforehand that we may not hear it due to positioning and not to panic. But we did, and it was strong, and C commented that it sounds like the ocean.

The other day about 2 hours after I posted, C dropped a piece of his desk on a pile of pictures (in glass frames) and there were 3 pictures in the pile, the one on top shattered, we picked up the bottom two and the middle one was miraculously perfect, not even a scratch. The bottom one was broken into.. and get this I kid you not one single bit, the glass was broken into a perfectly symmetrical shape of an ANGEL. And can you guess what that middle picture was? The completely unscathed middle picture that escaped without a scratch? The picture of Sophie's flowers..

Now I wish I could say that I was making this up or that I'm a whackjob, but I'm 100% serious, and C saw it too and started crying. It was freaky! Anyways I acknowledged that somewhere out there our baby angel must be watching out for this baby. I think she is making sure her family is okay. Sophie my baby girl, wherever you are I know you're watching over us, and I love you, I always will. I'm not going to forget about you. I think you know that though.


Amy said...

I am sitting over here crying, and I'm just so thrilled that you got to hear the heartbeat. I wish I could give you a giant, happy hug! (((hug)))

Awake said...

That feels wonderful, doesn't it.

Oh, and the angel thing - I totally get it.

niobe said...

What wonderful, wonderful news.