Monday, June 2, 2008

Just Keep Swimming, Just Keep Swimming

If you've seen Finding Nemo you'll understand the title of this post. No idea why but I can't get that song out of my head. It's so cute, and I guess it kind of encompasses everything. In a way we all have to just keep swimming. Try to keep your head above water, and keep moving on with life. Anyway enough of me waxing philosophical. Whatever that means. Thanks to everyone for your hugs and concerns, I'm feeling much better and am confident I will never enter that mall again, and as one of my rl friends suggested maybe I will simply pee on their steps next time I really have to go. (I'm kidding, my urine is much too important to be on their dirty concrete).

I'm glad clc isn't going to let anon torment her anymore, but I think it's sad she had to take Hannah down, she is a beautiful little girl and I am going to miss her. Of course I understand why she had to take her down, but still it's such a shame there are people like that lurking around here laughing at people in pain and causing them more hurt. I hope anon gets whats coming to him/her. I know they will. I believe in karma, good and bad. And that person will get it back hopefully they will learn their lesson.

I should probably go to sleep I am so tired, but I'm talking to my brother online and he is actually talking to me, and not just swearing and whatever which is new. So I'm going to try to relate to him for a bit see if I can get somewhere with this. My dad is pretty much back to drinking I guess, which I kind of figured would happen, and what with his mom lying around waiting to die I suppose that just gives him one more reason to turn to the bottle.

Like I said though, just keep swimming just keep swimming.. Trying to go with the flow of things. I know by now that nothing I say or do will stop him from drinking so I am just going to accept that some things I can't control and be grateful for the time we have together before his liver explodes or whatever. Heh and here I thought I was going to do a post with a positive energy. Lets see positive things.. Uhm I have icecream in the freezer, that's pretty awesome.

The blankie I'm crocheting for Nemo is coming along, slowly but surely. It's not that I crochet slowly, it's that my metal arm gets tired and I have to take breaks and then I put it down and fall asleep and forget about it for a day or two. If my arm didn't get so sore I could keep going until it's complete because I do crochet pretty quickly. I think it's time for C to give me some more arm massage. I mean the bone is completely healed it's just the muscle that get sore easily. Especially with repetitive motion. (heheh get your mind out of the gutter!)

Anyhoo I am going to end this before I really fly off on a tangent and confuse everyone even more.

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