Saturday, June 21, 2008


Ok I might be insane. Scratch that, I am most likely probably insane, but I swear I felt the baby move today. Yes I am only 10 weeks. I know. But I felt movement in my uterus, which although it is entirely possible that aliens have taken it over as their sovereign land, I'm fairly certain it was the baby/babies. It wasn't a cramp, but it wasn't like anything I've ever felt before. It felt like something moving inside me. I'm totally freaked out. Am I just out of my mind? Is it even possible to feel them move at this point? Am I having sensory hallucinations?

This baby is really making me crazy. Okay, crazier. I'm so moody and I wake up all night long to pee. C and I can't stop fighting, even when I try to tell myself to just be calm and deal with his behaviour without blowing up and blabbity blah, it lasts like 15 minutes before he finds a new way to piss me off. And I swear he is being just as moody as I am. Here I have been naive, I thought it was his job to be all nice to me and make me feel better when I am yelling then weeping then laughing etc within a 5 minute span. But instead he is yelling at me too, and freaking out over the stupidest things. Hello that's my job right now why don't you get your own. Job stealer.

Don't get me wrong we still love each other soo much, we're just totally emotional now. I want him to stop having sympathy pregnancy symptoms or whatever he's doing and just be the guy who understands and lets me get away with murder. Ehh yeah who am I kidding, that's expecting way too much, especially from a guy. I should be happy for everything that he does do for me. Like wake up way too early every morning to drive me to work because I refuse to take my driver's test again. And he almost always does the laundry, and I never have to ask.. And he knows me better than anyone else and never pushes me into anything I don't want to do..

Okay.. well now I'm not mad at him anymore.. Thanks blogland.. haha, lets see how long this lasts, I'm thinking maybe 10 minutes.

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