Monday, June 9, 2008

Tagged! Yay!

Thank you clc for the tag! My first one ever. My appointment is tomorrow ack! Okay here goes..

1.)What were you doing 10 years ago?

1998, the year my grama died, hmm I was grieving her death, and later that year taking care of my brand new cousin. I was also obsessed with the movie Titanic if I remember correctly.

2.) What 5 things are on your to-do list for today?

Well I was going to call the govt of Canada and tell them I can't pay them the $116 today for the gst return they screwed up like 3 years ago. But I figure I'll just deal with that on pay day..
-I'm planning on eating my noodle soup that C made me.
-Possibly pick up a couple of groceries since we're pretty much out of food.
-We were thinking of going to the cheap seats to see a movie, since it's like 2 dollars a flick as opposed to 20, and it's raining so what else is there to do. plus we haven't had a day off together in what seems like centuries.
-Probably call my mom to check on her since last night was one of those devastating worst night of my life kind of things, (whole family got together late last night because my brother was freaking out again, oh and my dad was drunk.. so not helping dad.)
- Read all my favourite blogs (as I do everyday) and I should really work on the blanket I'm crocheting for the baby..

3.) List some snacks you enjoy

-chocolate bars
-pretty much anything bad for me!

4.) What would you do with a billion dollars?

Take care of my family, fund a charity to research stillbirth and child cancers, and well all kinds of cancer... Keep my job as long as I can because I love the baby I take care of. Buy a huge house for me and my family, and my parents, and my brother. Maybe get my dad into some sort of alcohol program.. I don't know lots of stuff.

5.) List the places you have lived

-Houston, TX (for not even a whole year when I was 14)
-Winnipeg, MB

6.) List the jobs you have had

-room attendant (fancy term for hotel maid.. I did that for 1 week..)
-and other volunteer jobs

7.) List the names of the people you want to know more about

I think I'm going to go with Chrystina, Becky, and Amy since I don't if they've done this yet.

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Amy said...

Haha! I just got back in town and got tagged by JamieD for this...I was gonna tag you, until I got caught up on your blog! Thanks for the tag. :-)