Friday, May 30, 2008

June 10th

!!! Thats when we find out if this baby has two heads, or is potentially a sea monster. Or if it has a heartbeat/is growing as it should. I'm excited and freaked out at the same time.. Apparently I have to have a physical which blows cause I hate those, and I always freak out, and it's on my lunch break from work.. so I'm hoping I won't be late to get back to work.. but oh well who cares how much physicals suck I am going to get to see if my baby is thriving inside me or not. I wonder if the heartbeat will be nice and strong by then or not.. I am so excited and worried at the same time. I'm worried that I am going to get so excited and then find out that it's dead or something and then the universe will be laughing at me again. Like I'm some sort of hilarious joke.

Gah! Wish me luck with not losing my mind or my baby! I love you all! (except anonymous, you can suck it.)


Sharon said...

So here I am....from NaComLeavMo: More Conversation Than You Can Shake a Stick at even tho I am not on the master list!! I believe that you will see June 10th arrive to wonderful news! I am looking forward to following your journey! Congrats!!

Azaera said...

Thanks so much for the warm wishes! I hope you're right about the wonderful news thing. I look forward to your comments ;P

Mrs. Spit said...

Yeah! Glad to hear it - and it's not that far away - but I'm sure it'll seem like a lifetime away.

Amy said...

I know it feels so close and yet so far away. You are in my thoughts and prayers...June 10, strong heartbeat...come on Nemo!

Antigone said...

I'm flagging the date. The next ten days will go by so incredibly quickly.