Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Take It Back

Why did I ever say I was worried that I didn't have morning sickness?? Man you'd think I would know Murphy's Law by now. But nooo I had to go and curse myself and look what happens. I end up somehow managing to puke 15 times in a 5 hour span. All while at work. Lovely. The first time, I barely, and I mean barely made it into the bathroom, in fact I projectile vomited onto the wall, the floor and my dress, and oh yeah about an ounce of it actually made it into the toliet. Later on as the baby's parents were leaving, we were sitting in the kitchen when it overcame me and I didn't have enough time to make it to the bathroom so what do you know, embarrassment of all embarrassments I puke my guts out right in front of both of them. Luckily there was a mixing bowl near by that they gave me to puke into. And then they worried over me for a while until I managed to convince them that it was heat stroke and I was fine..

This morning I promptly took my prenatal as soon as I woke up and had some carrots, I was still feeling a bit icky from last night, but not pukey anymore. As of about 1pm I was feeling weak and not so great, but no longer queasy, and fortunately I have made it this far in the day without puking so I am doing great. But man last night.. that was just fricken great. (NOT). Someone remind me next time before I say something stupid that I'm dooming myself.


Antigone said...

Yowsers. That's a lot of vomiting. I hope you're okay.

I've been feeling like crap today but no projectile vomiting.

Well...morning sickness is correlated with healthy pregnancies, right?

Amy said...

I agree with Antigone...that's a lot of puke. But maybe that means you have a fabulously strong and fierce one in for puking?