Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

So today has been a really good day. As I can tell no one actually reads this anymore, which is probably a good thing since what I have to say next might upset some people..

Today I got a faint second line on a pregnancy test. And I had spotting on the ninth, a sign of implantation.. chances are I am in a very early stage of pregnancy. Which means there is a chance I could miscarry yet again. The thought of which terrifies me.. Also the other thing could happen.. the baby could survive..

Not to mention according to my calculations.. (and by mine i mean the internet due date calculator that I googled..) This baby would be due on January 17th. The same day I lost Sophie..

Overwhelmed much? I'd say so.


Amy said...

I'm sending you big hugs and positive baby's so hard to be optimistic, and so hard not to be.

Hopeful said...

Congrats! I'm holding thumbs for you. I hope everything works out for the best